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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall, leaving

"Thank Goodness that's over..."

That was from the guy that did NOT get shot at by a murder-intent woman who really, really was insane. On the other hand, his father's influence would have most certianly meant that 'Allison' would be dead, screw whatever obstacle lied between him and his revenge. It was likely that he'd be looking into this as it stood, and pooling in money to force police to investigate...And possibly, exchange the meaning of 'investigate' with 'eradicate violently.'

Whatever that was, he was immediately grateful for the old man's appearance-and apparently, he knew something about this 'Allison,' and potentially, the whole 'Team Orron' organization as well. He got up and walked over to the old man, facing him. He hoped to uncover anything important.

"I must thank you for saving my life, your Pokemon must be very well trained to deflect a bullet. I was trying to make them...You know...Flee...With the speech and all..." Chane said, as some kind of start. "It would help immensly if I could, persay...Understand the situation more. Anything would help. I'm guessing they're a local nuinsense at Suvaty, and that she's either psychotic or just really too greedy to care for blood." Chane said.


(Avalon shall use a WIS check to search the room for anything the grunts might have dropped.)

Pokemon Trainer

The instant bullets started flying, and a Linoone caught them, Avalon's mind was forced to remember a scarily similar situation. Fortunatly, the similarities ended with the bullet catching: An old man with white everything owned the bullet-catching linoone, had noted the girl's like of violence, and the shooter, along with her cronies, vanished alive.

Avalon looked around the room. He did not want to miss anything they left behind. The kinds of things people drop were the kinds of things that Avalon could use to get stuff-inform the police with fingerprints, maybe? DNA scans? Useful items for base infiltrations? More Rare Candies? Anything?
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