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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Traverse Town, back alley

Floria was a bit confused as to the creature in the box's reply for a moment. Then it occurred to her that Draix was referring to the roman numerals in the name. And then the box fell over with the creature's claws stuck in the walls of the box. Before she had a chance to assist it the Nobody had already picked up the box and was already working on prising the rather monstrous-looking creature from it. Draix looked cute in a way, though she refrained from commenting on it. And then the male replied, bringing her thoughts back to the current situation.

"Ah, zen you vould know of ozzers who are against zem as well? I 'ave been trying to track zem down because of ze threat zey pose to ze worlds," she said, not certain she was using her second language properly. English was a very confusing language to speak. "Je m'appelle Floria, et es a pleasure monsieur...?"

Rufus Shinra
Traverse Town, hotel

Rufus turned his gaze to Apollo when he looked ready to attack. One of his hands lowered from the table to his lap, close enough to his gun that he could get off a first shot quickly if something happened. The nobody did not attack, but Rufus kept a hand close to his leg nonetheless. No sense in being careless. Rei looked as though she were a small child that had found her parent after getting lost in a store. He gave a nod in reply to her fairly obvious observation. "Alive and well." he said simply, his cold gaze roving over the Nobodies. Odd creatures... but not ones he particularly cared about.

"I take it you are the ones who have been taking care of her. My name is Rufus Shinra; the pleasure is yours," he said, his voice not changing from the calm and measured tone he usually spoke in. "I've heard Organization Thirteen is having some difficulties. I've also heard there are some of your kind aiming to fight against them. I'm curious as to which side this group is on."

((Kinda bleh, and nothing for Pit right now. He'll swoop in dramatically at some later point when I can think of something for him.))
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