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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
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"Nobody's going to shoot. Not even you." Chane said, suddenly getting a bolt of inspiration.

"You've got guns. OK, that means you're a threat, and at least, your not as dumb as the other criminal 'Teams' that paved the path of criminal stupidity with Pokemon for one and all. However, you'd have shot everyone at this point if you really wanted our money, because, come on, if you're going to be stealing our money, then you might as well have killed us the instant you pulled out the pistols. Our seeing your face means you're ten times as likely to be caught later, fake idenity or no. You're obviously not willing to kill us if we simply don't comply, or else you would have done so. You were going for fear-you want us to move in response to a nonexistant threat to our lives. You've either massacre to be doing-Ho boy, that'll be something to tell your kids and grandkids, how you shot defensless innocents to get at their wallets, including other kids...Or you put down the guns and get caught by the police, either when the boat lands, or, if you've already thought of that, when the cops get fishy about how a cruise liner is floating in the middle of the ocean and investiage-armed and dangeorus, probably. In short-this wasn't smart." Chane elaborated.

"My advice? Put your guns down. You're good as arrested if you do or don't, but I imagine stopping before it gets any worse will kick your sentance time to somewhere near 'not the life sentance.'" Chane finished.

(CHA Check on Chane's part. He wants to see if they'll back down).


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Avalon barely turned to look at the noise. Gunshots. Nothing new. In fact, it was stupid: He's seen people only put in one clip, and sometimes, it might unwittingly contain only one bullet, or they only brought the sole clip along. They'd fire the bullets, but when it was needed most, when they had to shoot their target, they'd be empty on the clip. He's seen it done before in a funny video tape his uncle showed him. And that was real life. They might have been checking their rounds, but maybe one of them was stupid. That being said, he wasn't dumb enough to believe that they didn't come prepared enough.

But Avalon's look was venemous, and it failed to differ when it now settled itself on the girl. No twitch. He took his hands off his wallet when he heard the other guy talking: Clearly, they'd have taken his cash already, at gunpoint, if they wanted to. Yet, his look was venemous still.
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