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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Sorry Winter been working on my post. i didn't see your message until today.

Maka, Soul

Human, Weapon

Hollow Bastion Bailey

Maka was reading the letter that came to her again, even the part that some red hair fool wrote down called Axel. Which read, "Come to our usually spot, you should know where it is." Got it memorized.

While reading this, Soul started saying her name. “Maka… Maka… Maka…” before he could say her name for the fourth time Maka hit him over the head with a book.

“Maka, what was that for?” Soul asked rubbing his head. “Why are you read the letter again anyway? We know what it says.”

“I know where that idiot what’s us to go. I just felt like reading it again, Soul. And you where bugging me, that’s why I hit you.”

Maka folded the letter and put it in an inside pocket of her coat. She turned around to look out of the window at the sights before they leave. “This place is the most peaceful of all the worlds we've been to Soul.”

“Yeah it is.” Soul replied looking between the two way’s in and out of the bailey, so no one can sneak up on them. “So are we going to go see him or not?”

“No, I don’t ever want to see that jerk again Soul.” Maka replied as her hands clenched. “This place has no Nobodies and Heartless running around which is a good thing.”

“Um, Maka do you know the old saying don’t say something or it will happen?” Soul asks and she nods her head without turning around. “Well we have company up here.”

At that Maka turns around to see the hole bailey full with heartless which are only shadows and soldiers.

“It’s too small in here let's jump out of the window to the ground below for more room Soul,” Maka said as she jumped backwards out of the window.

Soul followed and changed into his scythe form. Before Maka landed on the ground she did a backflip to slow her descent. As she landed she grabbed hold of Soul. She looked up to see the heartless coming out of the window, jumping out and the shadows crawling down from the window.

“Maka, there are more down here," Soul called out.

“What?" Maka asked as she looked around to see that Soul was right. They were surrounded by more soldiers and shadows heartless. She ran into the heartless swinging Soul. It’s doesn’t matter how many she takes out there are always more to take their place.

While Maka was focused fighting the heartless in front of her, Soul said, “Maka behind you.” She spun around while swinging Soul but didn't make contact with a heartless. She'd struck metal. She looked to see what she hit and saw a blade with gun for its hilt.

“Hey, I’m here to help,” said a male voice. Maka looked up at him, at the scar going diagonal to the left of his face. He had short brown hair and a black coat with some white stuff on it, white undershirt, black pants, black shoes and a lion necklace.

Maka backed up and so does the guy. Before either of them could say something the heartless attacked again so they jump back into the fray.

A few moments later a shuriken came out of nowhere right into the heartless to Maka’s right. As it stops she thought it might be Tusbaki who belongs to Black Star, two of her friends and team member, who she been looking for these two years. The person who stepped forward to pick up the shuriken wasn’t him, but a girl with short black hair and head band, black shirt and undershirt with some pictures in white, brown shorts, black belt with pockets all the way around, high brown shoes and black socks.

“Yuffie here reporting for duty Squall,” she said with her right hand up in salute to the guy name Squall.

“Yuffie, how many times to I have to tell you my name is Leon not Squall. Get it right,” said Leon taking out a heartless.

Maka looked at both of them and saw they get along. She and Soul stayed away from them while they fought the heartless. Thirty minutes later the heartless were all gone. She had cuts on her face and legs, her coat had tears on the arms.

Before Yuffie or Leon could come over to Maka a hand grabbed her right shoulder hard and spun her around. This hand belonged to a guy with short spiky blond hair, black shirt with only one sleeve on it, black pants and boots with a huge sword on his back. He notice the necklace around her neck and remembered the people in black cloaks running around.

“Who are you, why do you wear the same necklace that the people in black cloaks do? Are you a member of this group?” ask the blond hair guy.

“Yo Cloud, back off her! The heartless attacked her," Leon said walking over with Yuffie.

Before Cloud could take his hand away Maka shrugged it off her and backed up. And shocking everyone Soul changed into his human form and stepped in front of her.

“Ever touch my meister again and I will kill you,” Soul said to Cloud.

Before Cloud could say anything a girl voice called over to them, “Cloud what are you doing to her? If you hurt her you will be sorry."

He and Maka looked to see who said this and saw a girl in a dress. The top was red and white and the bottom was pink and white with brown boots and her long brown hair was in a ponytail tied back with a red ribbon.
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