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Default Re: Television shows that you would like to see revived

Sonic X. *grumbles and outrages in the background*

What? It was decent. Sure, they screwed with the timeline and brought in a lot of unforgettable characters(Although the maid was still the best), but it wasn't half bad. And look at it this way if you're a hater; it can't get worse, can it? Unless they bring in Silver, then we're screwed.

Also, Sonic had a dark transformation which inspired a TON of fan artwork, despite it only being on the show for less than a minute. Not to mention the whole Nazo thing that everyone wishes they made a new season for, the cliffhanger ending(kinda), and getting to, at the least, watch Chris get pwnt by characters again. It's a win/win/win/win. It really is. >.>

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