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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

I've really got nothing else to go on...

Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Driax sat in the box, stuck, and unable to move much other than a few bits here and there. She wiggled and shifted her weight but it didn’t do much in terms of getting her more unstuck. She sighed heavily, more concentrated on the fact she was stuck and getting wet rather than her senses of two others coming onto her location. She moved her claws to try and push her way to one side of the box, hoping to knock it over so she could crawl out the side, however words spoken to her made her jump, forcing her claws through the wood and breaking holes through the box with her claws. Despite the fact the box was now broken on one side, she could wiggle around enough to stand in it, but now her claws were stuck in the holes she had made. She looked from either side, one to a male, and the other to a female who spoke in a weird accent that she couldn’t quite understand She ducked her head down a bit, wondering why these two were here, before finally registering the questions they had asked moments before.

“Driax stuck because box is mean.” She stated, trying to pull her hands free from their new cuffs. “Driax doesn’t know trezz for Organization. Driax knows Organization ex three line.”

The Nobody of course meant Organization Thirteen, however she always called it ex-three-line and never understood it as any other way, no matter how much you told her otherwise. The odd Nobody pulled and tugged on her wrists, trying to get them out as she was really not liking the feeling of the wood so tightly against them. She growled with one tug, only having to end up leaning so far back the crate followed with her, having her head come crashing to the ground in yet another puddle. With a small cry of pain, Driax yelped, then whined, sighing loudly as she sat there with her claws stuck in wooden restraints.

“Box is mean to Driax…Driax is too weeeeeeeet.” She complained. “Driax no like being this wet…puddle is mean…”
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