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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
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Black out. Brief cries of shock. Lights on. Twenty men in black. Team Orron. Demands for money. Guns.

The word team in an organization's name is equivelant to failure. They brought guns, putting them at a step-up from all those other organizations that suddenly ran amuk in the past few years...Save possibly Cipher. But come on, many people have seen this before, too many people. They know how it works...For now, though, it was best to assume that he wasn't safe. He considered his dress-purposly shabby, to garner empathy and make sure nobody knew the word 'Unx' was his last name (And even if they did, they'd only find 3000 dollars on his person). He considered paying them, but only if pressed. If he was ignored, then he wouln't try to be noticed.

And if worst came to worst, he'd have a plan. There was an easy one to exploit.


Avalon immediately withdrew his Pokemon when the blackout occured-it was enough time to find Jykal nearby in the darkness and withdraw him. Scyez was already on his head, so that was easy enough. He knew bad things were in the mix the instant wierd blackouts occured for more than a few instants.

The lights hit, Grunts from a 'Team Orron,' which he now and forever dubbed 'Team Morron,' demanded cash, and Avalon remained in place. He was willing to pay, but...His stuff was in his bag. Even his wallet. Hopefully, they didn't search his bag. That wouldn't be for the best if they did...Then again, he really just shoved everything in there aside from Jykal's and Scyez's PokeBalls.

That being said, he did not look pleased about this. Not even a bit.
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