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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Eh...heheheh...I'm not sure this will work out...but, here I go...

RP Title: I do not have one yet. Probably something like...I dunno.
RP Fandom Basis: The new Kid Icarus game
Opening Plot and Exposition: It's been over 100 years after Medusa has been defeated again by the captain of the goddess, Palutena, army, Pit. Skyworld and Earth have come together. Skyworld's most popular sport, Light V.S. Dark team matches, is the new attraction on Earth. With new technology, people use it to help with the new sport. Instead of dying when they are defeated, they respawn somewhere random on the battlefield. They use weapons found in the past that were used by Skyworld's army to fight. Pit and Dark Pit live on, but, they only appear during the matches. When a team's health bar runs out, the last person defeated becomes Pit, if they're on the Light Team, or Dark Pit if on the Dark Team. The angel defeated means that either the Light Team lost, or the Dark Team lost, depending on the angel. Now, a group of hackers are trying to ruin the battles. Everyone must stop them, no matter the cost. Will Pit come to the rescue this time?
Inspiration: The Light V.S. Dark team matches in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
Where you need help: Making it more...interesting, I guess. Also, a name.

Um...what else should I say...? Pie?

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