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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Before anyone had the chance to say anything else, the lights went out. A few people let out a scream, merely out of shock not real fear. The lights came back on to reveal about twenty people all dressed in black, standing near the only door to the dining hall. A woman, dressed slightly different than the rest, stepped forward, "Attention trainers and passengers! We, Team Orron, have the ship under our control. If you have any hope of getting off alive, you'll hand over all your money."

All the passengers looked around at one another, hoping for a plan or an idea. The woman at the head of the group shook her head, "Why does nobody ever make it easy? Alright, time for plan B." With that, every member of Team Orron pulled pistols from their coats. The woman spoke up again, "Alright, now do we get your money?"
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