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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Traverse Town, getting wet in the back alley

Rain had never really bothered Floria. In addition to being used to being out and about while it was raining, she had learned some years ago that her robes were thick enough to make getting wet not be much of a problem unless she chose to dive in to a river or other such deep body of water or the weather was such that walking around outside was likely to blast you off your feet. Nonetheless, the relatively light rain falling around her wasn't of much concern to her, instead focusing on finding one of the 'other' nobodies. She had never thought to learn if they knew anything about Organization XIII, nor had she thought to learn their motives. In hindsight, it was a bad move not to have done so before now; they could have been working together, or perhaps they were causing problems as well. Whichever case it was, she had to find them before she could find out what they were up to.

But finding people could be difficult, especially when you only knew one or two of the people you were looking for and they were indistinguishable from normal humans. As such, she was wandering about searching for one of the few people she knew to be Nobodies, straining her eyes to see in the relative darkness. Her search seemed to have paid off when she noticed one, Saxoris (Though she didn't know his name), that she had seen before peering in to a box with a tail hanging out of it. Floria considered approaching, and after a moment of hesitation did so. "Excusez-moi, you are one of ze nobodies zat are not a part of Organization treize, non?"

Rufus Shinra
Traverse Town, hotel

Rufus sat in a corner of the hotel's common room quietly, a cup of coffee in front of him. He had heard that one of his employees had turned up here from the description and had come to retrieve her. Rei, a genetic experiment and his bodyguard. He didn't particularly mind sitting there silently, waiting for the woman to show herself. In fact, it gave him time to reflect on the world he had discovered himself in. Radiant Garden held versions of his world's inhabitants that were unaware of his own, and they seemed to have different mindsets about them despite many similarities. It was quite interesting. The executive's thoughts were interrupted by voices from the people in there already in greeting to a new group that had entered. Rei's familiar voice confirmed the rumor he had heard, and he replied after Artemis did.

"Don't take in guilt when it isn't needed, Rei. What someone else is offended by isn't anything to feel guilt over," he said, his cold voice ringing out quietly. He didn't seem to acknowledge the presence of the others in the room when he spoke, and didn't even look away from the panel of wall he had been contemplating. He glanced at Rei from the corner of his eye, but didn't stand or move otherwise. "It seems you've been making friends with the locals." Rufus stated simply, his cold gaze falling on the other beings in the room. Something seemed slightly off about them, but as to what Rufus couldn't say, though this wasn't overly surprising to him. He had often thought the same of perfectly harmless people, but at the same time it had saved him from an early grave on several occasions.

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