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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall

"Me? Being a Pokemon Profe-gah!"

Chane reeled-another headache. He's been getting those, annoyingly frequent, and painful. They lasted for little time, but they were like the force of Arceus's untamed wrath was trying to unhinge him. Even in his sleep, they haunt him-and although he'd never consider it, haunt was probably a very good word. Those headaches accompanied strange dreams when he was asleep, of the kind that seem too realistic to be just dreams. They did not change outside of making a move of chess against a shrouded figure.

"Ugh...Headaches...Happening a lot...They hurt...Badly...Nothing to worry about, they go away quickly. A pesitance at best. Never you mind that, I'm studying my brains out to be a Pokemon Professor. I remember most Pokemon, but keeping them all in my head at once...That's different. Chane said, recovering.


Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall

Food. No more food. There was no more food. There was no more food in front of him. And it was all gone.

Avalon finally chose this time to look up at the other two people sitting next to him: That Anthony Kid (Breeding? No battling? Wierd choice of profession) and whoever that other guy was...Say, didn't he have the bacon?

He forgot, but who cared? He looked poor...ish. He flinched at the headache display he made, but when he started speaking more coherently, Avalon did not hesitate to talk over Chane like he simply wasn't there at all.

"Hi! I'm Avalon, that's Scyez, that's Jykal, and do you have food?! I like eating! And Pokemon, and whatever's fun, and whatever's exciting, and...Uhh...OH! That's Scyez! She likes nibbling hair!"

Scyez rejoined her master's beret and started nibbling on her favorite thing to nibble. "Ri! Ri! Ri! Ri! Riririri! Rriiiiioooo!"
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