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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Been a bit busy, but I did read through the new chapter a while back. LoL, felt so sorry for poor Farren, but... the entire situation was a little amusing xD But hey, at least he got an egg out of it :D Hmm... must be that one bug-type critter, eh? Maybe? Hmm...

But yesh! It seems we might be seeing some action from a certain genetic insect xD

Aww! Thank you! :3 I quite like Farren myself. He's an experimental character. Just wait until I start doing story arc summaries every ten or so chapters. The funny will really begin there!

I'm going to have a lot of fun with Bianca. Cheren is going to be a bit of a challenge... I'm going to also, hopefully, write from the point of view of one other character somewhat soon, and that'll be the biggest challenge of all. Hint, it won't be Genna... And we'll be hearing from Bianca again in chapter eleven, I think. Chapter nine will be from Cheren's point of view, and ten will be from Farren's.

Well, I can say that we will see some pretty interesting action from more than just a certain misunderstood giant genetic insect... It'll be much more difficult to incorporate it into the story than... well, I think I'll stop talking there.

Oh yes, definitely like Frozen World. I lost steam when it came to that story, regrettably. I had this idea for Trials not too long before acting on it, because I had a huge hankering to write a fanfiction along the same basis as Frozen World. There is only one key similarity, though. That won't be evident until much, much later into the story though!
Shweet :D

Hmm, Cheren is a little difficult to tackle, isn't he? Well, in my experience, it has. I remember trying to write a Christmas themed story with him as the MC last year but... I had the hardest time trying to tack down his personality :/ But so far, I think you're doing a swell job ^^

Much more difficult than...? Hmm... *goes off to think*

Oh, okay! :D Am I perhaps right in thinking that it has something to do with Kyurem? Hmm, you don't have to answer that if you'd like xD

BTW, love the new banners! :D The colors and textures are awesome ^^ Which reminds me, there actually was this one banner I made that was slightly inspired by that old Frozen World story (you can see it here ;D ). Hmm, since I'm enjoying this one, maybe I should make some fan-art for it, too.... :D

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