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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I think Kiseki is right. If Klaus truly was alive then I think he would had made an appearance long ago." The twins looked over to Damon as he spoke. "It's been nineteen years, so I really think that there's nothing to worry about.

"You're probably right, Damon." Bonnie agreed with a nod, giving the group a smile. Kiseki returned it instantly, but Ichiru’s gaze had fallen back to the ground in thought. Normally he didn’t dwell on a feeling of uneasiness, but somehow this time was just different…

A few hours has already passed, nightfall falling over the town as the group finished a meal that Bonnie and Jeremy had prepared. During the time in which it took them to eat and talk, the twins noticed Damon staring at Diana a lot more than is normal for just ordinary curiosity. Both of them could recognize it from when they had both done it themselves. Ichiru smirked to himself and Kiseki couldn’t help but smile at the situation, clearly remembering the conversation he had with Damon about Ashley back when he had been romantically attracted to her. He had always felt sorry for the older Vampire, and hoped that someday he would find someone. He finally had, but now it was a matter of getting that person to accept him…

"May I be excused now?" Diana’s voice broke the silence, and the twins glanced over to her, although the young Witch’s gaze was on no one but her parents.

"Go ahead." Jeremy answered, and the younger teen quickly got up, disappearing upstairs into the room that used to be Ashley’s. Ichiru had to wonder if she knew whose room that used to be, and how she felt about it if she did now that she knew Ashley was a Vampire.

"I really don't want there to be any tension with your family due to us being here." Ashley said, bringing the twins’ attention to her as she looked up toward the room.

"Everything will be fine." Bonnie replied with a reassuring smile, shifting her attention to Abigail and Scarlet, who were eating their food quietly. "She's still just a bit shocked."

"Mommy, I'm getting tired." Scarlet said, the exhaustion in both girls clear.

"We'll be going in just a few minutes." Ashley answered, giving both of them a kiss on the cheek.

"Where are you guys staying?" Jeremy asked.

"The Salvatore Boardinghouse." Ashley responded. "The house is a lot bigger with seven bedrooms, so this way we can all stay together. Ichiru and I could have our own room to share, along with Caroline and Kiseki, and Stefan and Lexi. Damon, Kotomi and Isobel will have their own room, and Abigail and Scarlet can share a room."

"That's a really good idea." Bonnie said, then looking over to Kenny. "Do you have homework?"

"Yeah. I'll go and do it after chores." He responded with a nod.

"Do you guys need help cleaning up?" Kotomi asked, though Bonnie and Jeremy shook their heads.

"No it's fine. You guys can just go so you can put the girls to bed." Jeremy answered, looking over to the twin girls and giving them a smile.

"We'll see you tomorrow then." Ashley said, standing up and giving the two a hug as the twins stood as well. The brunette picked up Abigail with a smile after the two stood up with a yawn. "Could you get Scarlet?" She asked after turning to Ichiru with a smile, bringing the dark haired teen to nod in response, picking up the toddler and giving her a smile before following Ashley toward the car with Kiseki close behind.

“It’s actually really nice to be back here.” Kiseki spoke up as Ichiru gently put Scarlet in the car and buckled her in.

“Yeah.” He agreed after a few moments. “I have to admit it feels kind of weird knowing our old home is here after all of this time living out of town, though.”
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