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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"We have more to lose this time though." Ichiru’s gaze went to Abigail and Scarlet as Ashley responded to him softly. She was exactly right, and he knew it very well already. The children were only human, which made them so much more fragile. He didn’t want to put their lives at risk, but it seemed he had already done so by bringing them back to Fells Church.

"I know what you're thinking." Ichiru’s gaze didn’t leave the to toddlers as Isobel spoke up. "We'll all protect the children with our lives."

"We will." Kotomi added with a nod. Kiseki continued to look at everyone in confusion, wondering what the heck he could have possibly missed during his short time away from the group. His gaze went back to Caroline as she looked at him, finally giving an explanation to the group’s sudden change of mood.

"We all overheard Bonnie and Jeremy; Bonnie thinks danger is coming." She told him, to which the dark haired teen responded with a look of surprise. He had sensed it when they had come, but he hadn’t given it much thought, simply thinking it was paranoia.

"You guys know?" Ichiru finally tore his gaze away from Abigail and Scarlet to look at Bonnie, who had returned outside along with Jeremy and the drinks for the group.

"We heard you from inside." Stefan responded after the two had put the glasses down on the table.

"What should we do then?" Jeremy asked.

"We'll just have to wait and keep a close eye on each other; especially Abigail, Scarlet and your children. The children's safety comes before our own." Damon said as Ichiru’s attention went back over to the twins.

"What danger do you think is coming?" He heard Ashley ask.

"I'm not sure. It's just... I have this weird feeling. It feels so powerful, like..." The twins looked at Bonnie as she trailed off, both of them somehow already knowing her thoughts. "no, it can't be. It's impossible." Bonnie quickly dismissed her thoughts.

"What is it?" Lexi asked in confusion.

"It somehow feels like it's Klaus, but that has to be impossible because he's dead." Bonnie answered as Ichiru and Kiseki glanced at each other, the younger twin’s expression now showing the same fear as the rest of the group.

"What if we didn't actually kill him?" Ashley’s question brought chills over the two; even Ichiru, who was doing a good job of hiding his uneasiness about the matter.

"We did." Bonnie said with a nod. Before anyone could say anything else, the sound of the front door drew their attention back into the house, where Diana had returned.

"That was quick." Jeremy commented.

"It's my house; I decided that Vampires aren't going to make me leave my own house." Diana said as she began to walk toward the stairs.

"I know that you hate Vampires, but these Vampires are your family." Jeremy said, bringing Diana to stop walking up the stairs and glare at her father.

"Vampires will never be my family. I hope every single one of them dies a horrible, painful death." She growled, then quickly disappearing up the stairs.

"It's just one problem after another..." Jeremy said with a sigh.

Kiseki appeared offended by the young Witch’s words for a few moments, but it passed as he lightly wrapped his arms around Caroline to hold her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her - and possibly himself as well. A heavy silence hung over the group for a few moments, neither of the twins knowing what to say.

“Maybe we’re all just paranoid. I’m sure everything will be fine.” Kiseki tried to lighten the mood, but he could still feel the heaviness of the atmosphere.

Even as his brother spoke while offering one of his usual smiles, Ichiru’s grip on Ashley tightened. He couldn’t help but remember all of the times he had nearly lost her the last time they were in Fells Church, along with all of the things that had happened to the rest of the group as well. He knew Kiseki was feeling the same way, but like always, the younger twin was able to push it back and smile anyway.
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