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Default Re: [poetry] The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Broken Hearts Mafia

The enigmas with skin of alabaster
Hide in suburban, winding alleyways;
They stroke their thick mustaches
And speak in heavy Sicilian accents.
They are members of a hidden cult
Of which I heard you played a part.
You are in a gang of crude criminals
You steal and trade illegal hearts.
In a world of much substance abuse,
Have we been reduced to see love
Only as a pill to cure lovesickness?
Has the human race come to this,
Banding together in a killing spree
Uniting with our broken hearts
And Tommy guns and baseball bats?
Love is reduced to personal finance
Debtors pay a fee or pay the price,
Loan sharks hungrily devour prey,
And the circle goes around again.
We are sinking in a deluge of blood,
Where sin and greed is possession,
Where addiction is your obsession.
When you arise from clouds of smoke,
Before the trigger itches your finger,
I will call out your name one last time.
Gore clots on the side of the road,
A scream resounds through forever;
You will be the bearer of my legacy,
A tale of lovers scorned by killers
When even hearts can be embezzled.
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