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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
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Dining Hall

At least the Larger of the two purple Pokemon was smarter than the chef. Maybe in its own way, it would explain? Hopefully without 'saying' the word 'theif?'

One of the few Pokemon he didn't know of, and he had to encounter it. As soon as he memorized every last little detail about a Pokemon he could, he'd probably be ready for that. He looked around.

Uh-oh. Almost all the food was gone. He rushed into the lines to take the last of the food, which included one ceasar salad, a drink of lemonade, a load of pretzels (he'd save them for later), and-YES! An omlette! Life-giving substanance!

He immediately sat down-coincidentally, two rows away from where the young man who stole his bacon had been-and immediately feasted upon the food. He wasn't overfed nor underfed in his house, though he would eat quite a bit when he did eat. He took no notice of the young man trying to get a seat beside the boy with the bacon.


Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall

Avalon barely took a break in eating before nodding his head in agreement, then resuming his ravnous course of action. It was halfway gone by now, the food: Avalon loved it, and due to his overly-physical tendancies, couldn't get enough, and had a good excuse as to why.
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