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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall

Avalon got there, and witnessed the sole aisle of food. Food. Never a bad thing.

He immediately hit the line, and it moved fast. People were picking quickly, and leaving quickly, and there wasn't much left, but there was so much deliciousness. Avalon took Pinapple slices, an orange, two ceasar salads, a cheesy omlette, pretzals...No meats? His Pokemon were big eaters! That couldn't be a standing problem!

That was solved by another man coming in from the chef's kitchen. He looked quite out of place, if he was a cook; he looked ragged and rather poor, if not downright impovershied and homeless. He had a job, though, so Avalon guessed that things were looking up.

He also took all the bacon the young man had on his large tray. All of the bacon. He sat down near one end of the room, letting out Jykal, and the trio as a group chowing down on the contents.


Chane Unx
Pokemon Trainer
Dining Hall

Chane had no idea what happened. First, he was in the kitchen, about to ask for some food. Next second, purple Pokemon with tails that looked like hands alerted him to the head chef's presence, who mistook him for a cook, and tasked him with bringing out some of the food. It took all of three steps for a kid to take all of the bacon, right off the plate.

He literally was shot of luck as to what the heck just happened. However, two steps more, and his food stock needed to be resupplied, as several other guests thought it fit to take the food off the platter directly, leaving him with little when he got to the buffet table and get the rest of the eggs and waffles in. And he couldn't eat it...Ah, well, it was an All-you-can-eat, and when that happens, usually it's the fast that get fed the most...

Anyone could argue that if the food was free, the cooks would have to be hustling to make it fast enough to appease the tidal wave of people coming in, all right, but...Maybe this was a little ill-planned? Didn't seem like they had the speed to compete with this, and usually, breakfast costed money-henceforth, there usually was less demand all at once. Seemed odd, with only a small delay...Especially when he'd reserve this kind of occasion for much larger delays, ones that went up to a few hours in length. Plus, the captain never specified how long of a delay was it...Though it was all his first boat ride, so he couldn't tell if this was the norm. Ugh.

He went straight back into the kitchen, without further hesitation-he didn't want to know how badly the head chef would hurt him, and he might as well try to unveil himself as anyone but who the chef thought he was...Whoever that was.
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