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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane ONLY

The kitchen was filled with a baker's dozen of chefs and cooks. There was so much hustle and bustle it would be easy for one to grab some food and get out without being noticed. It would have easy, if it weren't for the head chef's Aipom and Ambipom watching the doors. "Aipom! Ai Ai!"

The head chef looked up and saw the kitchen intruder, "Who do you think you are? Coming in here like this, dressed like that! It's a mad house out there! Next time you come down late, it'll be your job!" He picked up a tray of eggs, waffles, and bacon, "Normally I'd make you change into the proper outfit, but time isn't on our side... Take this out there and then come back here. Alright?"

The Ambipom snickered as it nudged the intruder towards the dining hall door without giving hima a chance to explain himself.


The dining hall was an elegant mixture of casual and formal. There were 3 large chandeliers in the center of this rectangular room filled with about 70 or so tables, and about 300 chairs. One long table ran along the wall nearest to some doors and was filled with an assortment of fruit, berries, meat, eggs, bread, and juice.

Within minutes, most of the tables and chairs had been taken and the food was running low.
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