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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
Pokemon Trainer

Free Breakfast?

Well, that certianly sounded like a way to make people noisy. He could already hear the cries of children, adults and Pokemon magnify from their original pitch as the mention of free food passed over. He had yet to see Suvaty on the horizon, however. He knew that he hadn't ate yet, and boy, would he NEED food.

However, how was a man like him to even get at the food? He looked at himself. Thin. Weak. Easily punched out. He swore he saw somebody four years younger and more immature than him, and he was pretty muscular for his rather small size. He was easy pickings for anybody, and would get shoved out of the way of the food he wanted quickly. To a Pokemon trainer, food was life. He could easily stash away some fruits and whatnot, and eat them a little later, at Suvaty.

So, how to go about not dying when the food-hungy individuals came charging for the food? Considering that most sane men would get their food from the dining hall instead of the kitchen, not to mention the food was much better from the kitchen itself, he would take a detour to the kitchens. Data and Iry were put back into their PokeBalls at once: Best not lose those two rare Pokemon. His father would be furious, especially on the Porygon. One Porygon alone is worth more than one human of the same age.


Pokemon Trainer

Free Breakfast?

Avalon got his stuff and tore out of that room, for he knew that the words 'free' and 'food' in that order meant something good. He tore past all bystanders, rushed down two sets of staircases, and burst out of the cabins, to get at the food. He was running straight through the crowds in reckless abandon, ready to snatch at the food. The people nearby him did not realize to what extents him and free food went to: Anything labeled 'free food' put in front of him will not exist shortly thereafter said labeling.

Scyez was not helping matters. What says annoying and immature like a Riolu firmly gripped to your head, yelling "Ririririririririririririririririiiii!" constantly. She wanted food too. Jykal would have been running at the very mention on instinct, but Avalon, to his displeasure, put him in his PokeBall.
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