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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Bastia and Rei,
Nobody and Human (Sephiroth Clone)
Hotel Rooftop, Traverse Town

It was raining, like someone had opened up the "great big faucet in the sky" as Artemis called it, over Traverse Town. That was when the lines between she and Mia blurred the most, Bastia found. She liked just standing there, alone, on the roof of the hotel where she and the others lived. Sirens swirled around her, pestering her, tugging on her dress where they could--sleeves, skirt, a brave one or two caught her collar and tugged it, but the chorus in her head didn't change much.

Raining, lady. Getting wet, lady. Gonna catch a cold, lady. Come inside lady. Please, lady? Lady, lady, lady...

It was an ever-present chorus of bells in her head that sounded like tons of bells, all ringing at once. She never got tired of it, no matter how much the Sirens pestered her. At once, she wondered if it was the same for Nox around a multitude of Heartless, but Mia's Heartless had never spoken on the matter, and didn't seem all that keen to, in all honesty. Artemis had even asked once, but Nox had changed the subject. At the time, Bastia thought she looked more pale than she already was, like she was going to be sick. The poor girl had seen a lot of the death of her own kind under the control of "Malefi-lady," as she'd caught Trouble calling her once. Nox had picked the Shadow at once in response and hugged the thing.

They had all had rough lives, even Artemis, though that had been a struggle for another rather than herself. She had often wondered about how life would have been had Mia stayed, but she never got very far with it. It hurt too much. As it was, Gekkou drove her insane when he simply called her Mia. There were times when she felt like hugging the guy for his generosity, and other times she felt like strangling him for his stubbornness.

"Hey, Bas? You know there's this magical thing called a shower, right? It doesn't even soak your clothes." Bastia turned to seen a small figure leaning in the doorway leading to the roof, the girl hung just slightly inside, watching her with shy, pale green eyes. She had known immediately it wasn't Artemis--she would have known if it were any one of her counterparts, but she still found the silver-haired girl's small size a bit startling. She hadn't seen too many people who looked that old yet were that small. A few of the Sirens took off towards her, and though she backed up slightly, Bastia was thankful that Rei didn't try to bolt again. She really didn't feel like looking the young woman over to make sure she hadn't broken her neck, courtesy of a fall down the stairs. She was pretty sure Rei had finally gotten herself used to the lesser Nobodies that followed Bastia everywhere--or at least it was progress from where she had initially screamed and nearly stabbed herself in the foot as she fumbled to pull out one of her swords in defense.

"I just like the rain," Bastia said, smiling while the Sirens hugged and pulled at the girl. There were muffled cries of protest that came from Rei, but the Sirens wouldn't let her fall. She couldn't even reply to Bastia until she managed to get enough room to push the womenlike Nobodies away gently.

"It seems so. Apollo laughed when I asked Artemis where you were, said you were where you always were when it rains. Artemis just smiled and said you were up here. They seemed to think it was funny," Rei finally replied, fighting to keep the Sirens clear from around her face.

"Girls, stop bothering her," Bastia laughed, waving her hand and causing the Sirens to scatter. Rei shot her a thankful look before Bastia continued. "Well, I do come up here almost every time it rains, and a lot even when it doesn't rain. Force of habit, really, Mia liked high places and rain... She came out here all the time, and now so do I. It makes me feel more human..." The drenched Nobody closed her eyes and tilted her head back toward the sky.

"It's odd, you seen influenced by who came before you, while I...well, I'm not, really." The girl murmured, but Bastia heard her. Her control over sound made sure she caught it.

"Nobodies--we're literally just shells of the people we used to be. You, haven't you mentioned before that you're a clone? You're still totally human, just a copy of an existing one, albeit you're apparently slightly altered. Us...all we have are memories to go on, an empty chest, and the knowledge that there's something different about us, but not the knowledge of exactly what," Bastia spoke, eyes still closed, face still turned skyward. Rei noticed that, out of practically nowhere, Bastia wrapped her arms around herself and shivered as though she were suddenly cold. "Come on," she said, opening her eyes and lowering her head before beginning to walk back towards Rei. "I'm getting cold out here."

Artemis, Apollo, and Lillie
Not sure, Nobody, and Human (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

The hotel lobby was unnaturally quiet for having four people sitting in it. Sure, Gekkou prided in making the lobby feel like home, so the four people (one of which was the hotel owner himself) there weren't such a usual occurrence, but the silence was. One of the other three, a girl who looked like she was sixteen or so, sat backwards on a chair pulled up to the window, arms resting on the back of the chair, head resting on her arms, staring out the window, knees in the seat, bare feet dangling in the air as she stared at the rain cascading down the window. Her boots sat alone net to one of the chair legs. The other two sat together on a couch in front of a fairly-sized fireplace, the blonde girl curled up against the dark-haired boy's side. The pair spoke in quiet voices that the snowy-haired girl couldn't quite understand, not that she minded much, she couldn't respond to anything they said anyway--she couldn't speak.

All of a sudden, the blonde girl looked up and sighed. "Uh-oh, I wonder what I missed... Bas is coming down with Rei," she said, frowning.

"There's lots of things that bother Bas, I'm sure it's nothing huge, Artemis," the boy, Apollo replied. Lillie twisted around in her chair to look at them. The girl appeared worried where the boy did not.

"Mia's always moody." The line from the hotel owner, a rather plain guy with brown hair and green eyes, confused her. She had been confused as to why this man alone called the woman who even introduced herself as Bastia Mia with astounding stubbornness. The young woman quite decidedly hated the name, so why did he call her Mia? Lillie didn't get the point, and that aside, she was amazed it hadn't gotten him punched yet. Supposedly Bastia's Siren's had attacked him when she snapped one time, but they hadn't done him any harm--they'd managed to get them under control again before that happened.

"How many times do we all have to correct you, she isn't Mia." The sharpness of the words that came from Artemis's mouth were odd-sounding. From what Lillie had seen, she didn't get anywhere close to angry or upset, but now this seemed to be proving her wrong. Apollo patted the girl's shoulder.

"Easy," he sighed, then glanced up at staircase to see Rei coming down, shaking her head as she descended, holding the handrail for deal life.

"Oh, I've made her upset--I'm stupid! Need to think before I speak!" the girl muttered to herself, to which Artemis stood.

"Rei, please don't blame yourself, Bas is just a bit touchy," she said, trying to make the situation better. She'd noticed that the girl seemed to take the blame for everything even if it wasn't her fault. That was one thing that truly bothered her--why would anyone want to live like that? She lived with enough founded blame and guilt on her shoulders to know it was a horrible thing to live with, which was why she didn't understand why the girl blamed herself for everything. For Lillie, who couldn't even speak, she just filed away the question of why into her mental collection of questions she would probably never ask along with why the hotel owner called Bastia Mia.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

"The usual?" the woman inquired, to which Nox nodded

"The apple pie, yes." the Heartless replied softly, fidgeting. At least she didn't feel like flat-out bolting away like she had the first time she'd come. She still felt nervous around the cafe owner like she did around most complete people, but it was lessened every time she stopped by the little cafe when it rained, causing the place to clear out. She had been venturing out to the cafe every time it rained for about six months now, meaning she'd only been a handful of times, really, but her waryness of the woman lessened every time. Sure, the woman was only kind to her because she thought Nox was a quiet, xenophobic girl who liked apple pie, but the Heartless knew the woman would hate her, possibly hurt her if she knew what she really was. Even with the added on note that she had never taken a heart before because she simply couldn't, she knew all most people would understand was "Heartless" and want to harm her for it when she could have happily lived someplace without them, and she was trying to thin out the numbers of Heartless around the town to keep them safe.

The woman turned away from her as Nox placed the munny to pay for the apple pie on the counter and moved quickly towards her usual seat by the fireside, easily the most well-lit spot in the room, where her Shadow friend, a boyish-sounding Heartless she had nicknamed Trouble because of his affinity for finding it, was already hiding under the table in the Shadows where the woman bringing the apple pie couldn't see him.

/Nox! Nox!/ The little creature's thoughts greeted her. He'd been off exploring the other worlds recently and just come back to visit her. She smiled as she sat down and he tugged on her pants leg playfully.

/I see, you found me. Careful now, there's a human lady here, don't want you to get seen. You'd get us both in some real trouble,/ she responded. The Shadow let go of her pants leg, thoughts blaring his disappointment that he couldn't be seen and would have to hold off on playing with his favorite friend.

/Play when Nox get back to many-people home?/ Nox bit back a laugh at the insistent question.

/Yes, Trouble. We can play when I get back to the hotel./ This seemed to satisfy him immensely, as the Heartless's thought-babble turned less towards asking her things and more towards showing her the events of his adventuring through the worlds while she ate her apple pie. She could taste it, yes, but it didn't bring her much other than the memory of thinking that it tasted good. However, it still brought back the feeling, even if she couldn't feel it herself.

OOC: Ugh, not entirely loving these, but oh well. Have fun everyone!

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