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Default [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Not all of them are in Organization XIII...

Okay, just to make it easier on you guys, here's a recap:
~Plot~(Plot inspired by Blazequaza's KH: Renegades RP, revived from my old KH: The Other Nobodies RP)
There are plenty of Nobodies out there, and not all of them are in Organization XIII. Some didn’t like the ideas, some didn’t like the mission, and some just didn’t like the idea of working with a group, there are even some that were rejected due to ‘defects’. They are human-formed and named by the Organization, and may keep in contact with the Organization, but they are not a real part of it. Their existences are mostly covered up, ones that have ‘defects’ have clung to certain memories or managed to hold on to an emotion often fake humanity as best they can to live among normal people, or hide away them. They get away with it, too, living lives usually similar to the ones they led when they had hearts, trying to, or they may live lives of near-perfect seclusion. Others lead lives more similar to the Organization’s members, but lead them alone and do as they please instead of following orders.

As before mentioned, many keep in contact with each other. A letter here and there, a visit once in a blue moon, just something to say “Hey, I’m still out here!” to everyone else. Some have forged close bonds with would-have-been comrades, others have isolated themselves, and others have forged bonds with normal people. They’re all different, even as Nobodies. Now they’ve all suddenly received letters that the Organization is missing more than half of its members. The ones opposing the Organization’s plans have decided to try and tear down the group once and for all, others who have been rejected that wanted a place are working to prove that they should receive one, or tear down the group the rejected them, others are still doing their own thing. One thing is sure, however, and that is that something big is going to happen, and it may not be very pretty.

~Your Role~
Taking place towards the end of 358/2 Days and overlapping into Kingdom Hearts 2, this story is the untold one of several Nobodies that live outside of Organization XIII and their companions. As a Nobody, you have most likely either been rejected by the Organization or refused to join the Organization. Whatever your case may be, you are fighting to tear down the Organization, to prove your worth in attempt to gain a spot in Organization XIII, maybe you're just going to try and ignore everything and do your own thing, or maybe you're going to try to fight everyone just for the heck of it, the choice is yours. As a human (or anything other than a Nobody, really), it's quite possible you were dragged into helping a Nobody by circumstance, or are tagging along for the ride simply because you can. Then again, it's also possible you ended up in this fight because you know the havoc that the Organization's lesser Nobodies are wreaking and want to stop it, maybe you're being used--there's really no telling what kind of situation you ended up in, but if you're here, you've definitely ended up in one.

All PE2K rules apply, people...
1: For the love of RPs--NO GODMODDING!!!
2: No one's invincible, take a hit every once in awhile, more often than not.
3: For the sake of the RP--PLEASE be active, and if you can't be active, let me know!
4: Don't constantly make fun of RPers, if they make a mistake, kindly let them know, don't bite their heads off.
5: No bunnying without permission.
6: Please limit use of profanity.
7: Keep things PG-13. (Both romance and violence)
8: Try to have decent spelling and grammar, I can understand typos, but not anything really bad.

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haybalebarn-One or two chars

No one yet, hopefully we'll keep it that way.

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