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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Pokemon Trainer
Room 343

He chose the room he was at because it had a window. He stared out of it, awaiting his new adventure. Excitement brewed in his body: Tensions were mounting. The time was closing in on him, and soon, he'd begin the journey of a lifetime.

He would also start it with a decent head-start: Scavenging the floors scored him all sorts of stuff, from pricy goods to nessicary commodities. He found a Potion, some extra cash, and even a pair of perfectly good Rare Candies, lying about, unwanted. He also had his Pokedex and ID Wallet, and of course, two good Pokemon.

Scyez was in her usual position: That is to say, on his head, nibbling the hair that wasn't covered by his beret. She was insane, to say the least, but she refused to leave Avalon on account of his soft head and her stubborn attitude towards leaving a soft place. Meanwhile, Jykal was meerly content to lay on the bed. He wasn't lazy, not even a bit: He knew the over-excited state Avalon perpetually kept himself in without a drop of caffine in his system, and he'd knew he'd need all the rest he could get now. He was not as loyal as Scyez was, but Avalon was a source of food and comfort that Sneasel rarely get without being amoral about it. That aside, rather a easily-excited kid who'd leap on the chance to have fun without any hesitation, than some criminal scum that prefer that kind of Pokemon.

Avalon was ready to go. He had all of his things packed. He was ready for Suvaty, right down to his swimming trunks. He knew he'd get wet somewhere on an island. The announcement's blared, and he burst outside...Of course, he wasn't there yet, he just wanted to get prepared for when they were.


Chane Unx
Pokemon Trainer
Room 341

He looked like he had been the son of someone just under the Poverty Line, the kind that demanded some sort of concern over, just because of what looked like a slight lack of ability to take care of oneself. He knew that full well.

He-and almost nobody else-knew otherwise. He never mentioned his last name in public unless it was required, and rarely it was. But the mention of the word 'Unx' was synominous with 'very rich people.' And he was, indeed, very rich. He didn't have that much money on his person right then, of course, but he was very rich...

...Unless, of course, he didn't complete a single Year-at minimum-of Pokemon Training. Then his share of the fortune on his father's will would go to an Uncle of his, who would swear to never spend a cent of it on Chane. His father wasn't terribly old, but he did not want to risk that fortune, considering his chosen profession.

Data was hovering about, and Chane and Iry watched 'her'. Data preferred being called a her. That was her choice. However, what attracted Chane to her being was that she was a Porygon. Sure, Ghost-Types like Iry are interesting in their own right, but Data was a man-made Pokemon. Man do not make Pokemon. The very existance of these Pokemon were akin to an insult to the Legendary Pokemon: If man made a Pokemon, then it proved that man could do what a few Legends could. However, no man was focusing hard enough on the computer phenomenon that brought them into existance to give accurate, reproducable results as to how it happened-how mere computer code, of all things, suddenly birthed a whole new species of Pokemon. That was fascinating, and Chane was eager to find out how it happened, possibly reproducing the event in the process...Though he was afraid of his less-than-average body that would easily be crushed by any Legend that thought of the creation of more Porygon as a blasphamy.

It was tricky work. He had to study this Porygon well beyond what the Pokedex would give. At least Data was compliant with it.

He heard the announcement, and decided to get some fresh air, taking his bags with him-He knew he'd need it soon, if they were approaching Suvaty.
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