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Default [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

This is the first post, really just a rules post, please don't begin until I say you can.

This is a reboot of the original Suvaty adventure that was started on here a while back.

Now, it's not easy GMing a virtual rp, so please, hang with me. I've spent 5-6 years DMing D&D sessions so I do have the eperience required. I'm just used to seeing dice rolled and sitting with my players.

I just have one big rule:
DO NOT ARGUE WITH OR QUESTION THE GM! I am the creator and shaper of the world you are in, and I can blink you out of existence. While I have never been so cruel to my players, I do get vengance for outbursts. I have the final say.

And here's the perfect example of a final say, if there is ever a need to roll dice, I will be the one to roll, and I will use this app.

Why am I going to roll? Because I am impartial. I am not biased. You may, I'm not saying you would, fudge a roll or say you got a nat 20.

And with rolls, the tie goes to the attacker for combat. That's the way I roll, mind the pun.

Next post is region background, and the 3rd will be the first post of the rp.

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