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Default URPG Times 2/29/12-3/15/12


A Word From Your Editor(Ďs)
Announcements and News
Trading Section
Ground Article
Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
Story Of The Week
Roleplayer Of The Week
Pokemon Of The Week Article
Closing Comment

A Word From Your Editor(s)
By Gmandiddy

It is my great misfortune to announce that Alaska will not be present with us today. The local police found out about her cellar and what went down in there, and she has been sent away. How long you ask? Only time will tell.

Now thatís over, I would like to say thank you to everyone who currently worked or is still working at the URPG Times, this project couldnít have been done without you. *sob*

Announcements and News
By Gmandiddy

URPG is running a bit slow lately since the aftermath of the leaks; however there have been some events happening over this past two weeks.

New Referees and Graders

Congratulations to Buoysel. and SLC04 for become a temporary referees, earning a weekís licence. Hopefully they have improved on their skills and ready to prove the testers they are capable of become a referee.
Congratulations also must go to Frozen Chaos who has become the latest person to join the army of graders. Be sure to ask her to grade your stories, I am sure she doesnít bite.

National Park Capture Contest

The event is over and the results are up. If you havenít already noticed, the winner of the first Capture Contest was our man Buoysel. harrowingly beating Dog of Helsing to first. Third place was shared between Sky Lark and Kai-Mei. Also, if you took part in the event or even was stalking the threads, be sure to give some feedback on how the event went in this thread.

Open Gyms

Are you the next Sabrina? Or do you want to become the next Brock? Well currently there are a lot of gyms that need leaders. We these are the current gyms that are open:

Pewter, Safron, Fuschia, Eterna, Hearthome, Castelia, Kumquat

If you want to be the next Gym leader, sign up here.

Winter Writing Competition

Thatís right, if you are a hardcore lover of reading, the Winter Writing Competition is reaching towards the finals. If you want to earn yourself some money by voting, you have a couple of hours before the time is up.

ShoutOut Box


Can you stop harassing all the community members, namely the Xalis because they feel threated by his authority.

From Xali

Trading Section

By Gmandiddy

Do you have any unwanted Pokemon, or are you looking for this certain Pokemon really badly, well maybe these people might have it.

AmericanTreeFrog: Looking for a Water Pokemon, will trade Zoroark

Gmandiddy: Trading Whimsicott, looking for Non-Mart Pokemon.

Bumblebee: Is currently trading these Pokemon:

(Wonít trade for a Mart)

Marowak, Male - Earthquake, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Swords Dance

(Willing to trade for Marts)

Dewgong, M - No TMs
Beautifly, F - No TMs
Pikachu, F - Hidden Power (Grass)
Mothim, M - No TMs
Ledian, F - No TMs
Araidos, F - No TMs
Wormadam, F - No TMs
Dustox, F - No TMs
Glaceon, F - Hidden Power (Psychic)
Magmortar, M - No TMs
Electivire, M - No TMs
Serperior, M - No TMs DW Ability
Mismagius, F - Will-o-Wisp, Calm Mind, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Thunder, Toxic
Butterfree, F - No TMs
Walrein, F - Brine
Zebstrika, M - No TMs
Lileep, M - No TMs


Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, qw pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy.

Somebody Fix It by Alaskapigeon

Article on Contests
By Donyor

Probably not the most visited section of URPG, like the games, but still an important part of it. Contests are great for those of us who donít like fighting every minute, and for people who need something else to do but battle. There are two main types of contests:

(R/S/E)(D/P/PT) Contests

(R/S/E)(D/P/PT) Contests differ slightly depending on which you choose. But the basic layout is the same, so Iíll explain them both here.

There are two sections to this type of contest. In the first section you are awarded points based on how high the attribute that matches the contest type is. There are five contest types (Cool, beauty, tough, cute, and smart) and so there is one attribute to go with each. This section doesnít change depending on your type of contest

In the second section you perform moves to gain points. Moves do different things in contests than they do in battles. In R/S/E contests each move gives two types of points. One type is called appeal points, these points work with your attribute score to determine what your final score for the contest is, and the other type is called jam points. Jam points subtract appeal points from others, giving you a higher chance of winning overall. You can also perform combinations to up your score. In D/P/Pt contests you only use appeal points. You also canít perform combinations.

In both types of contests each move has its own attribute. In an R/S/E contest using moves that match the type of the contest will raise the applause meter. If the applause meter reaches full that person gets extra points. You could also get +1 appeal point every time you use a move that matches the contests attribute. If you manage to be the person to fill the applause meter you get bonus appeal points. In D/P/Pt contests there three judges each with their own voltage meter (applause meter) if you fill a judges voltage meter you get bonus appeal points. Unfortunately in both contest types you can lower the voltage/applause meter by using opposite attribute moves. (You can see what type of moves are opposites here, about half way down the post. All the colored words).

B/W Contests

In B/W contests your goal is to knock out your opponent. But move attributes still play a part. Each move costs a certain amount of PP. If you run out of PP you forfeit the contest. Using moves that match the attribute of the contest will lower the PP of those moves. Using opposite moves raises the PP of those moves. Also each move earns you a certain number of appeal points. Look below at the link named ďB/W Contest Moves."

So there you have it, contest in a nutshell. Below are several links with more information about contests. The most important one is: All About Contests

For more information about the mechanics of contests look at the Judging Encyclopedia
Contest Move List (B/W)
Contest Move List (D/P/Pt)
Contest Move List (R/S/E)

URPG Quiz Results
By WebMaster

Siless - 49/50 ($12250)
Xali - 42/50 ($10500)
DrStubbsberg - 42/50 ($10250)
Ebail - 34/50 ($8500)
WinterVines - 33/50 ($8250)
Synthesis - 12/50 ($3000)

You just don't seem to give up, do you? Where do you keep getting these quiz answers from? o_0 lol. I'm happy with the results tbh. Nobody got 100% but the average wasn't terrible.


Battle Scenario: Use Punishment (5 points if 1 turn, 3 points if 2-3 turns, 1 point if 4-5 turns, 0 points if 6 turns or more)

Punishment was the move to focus on here. You could take a huge advantage of those stat boosts with it. It's kinda like an anti-stored power.

Ref This: Whimsicott @ 40.12%; Gardevoir @ 38.52% (4 points max)

I was checking to see if you were watching on whether endeavor or pain split would go first. Nice work guys

Picture Time: Mikan Island (3 points)

I'm surprised you didn't submit an entry SLC. I kinda picked this one for you ^_^

Anime: Bayleef and Latias (2 points)

Creepy isn't it? :s

Video Games: The third, fifth, seventh, and ninth letter of your name. (3 points)

Yeah. I learned most of the mechanics on that when I got curious about missingno. If you look around on the internet, there should be a full chart on these.

Anime 2: Movie 5 (Pokemon Heroes) (3 points)

Look in the trivia section for Movie 5 and you should find this interesting tidbit.

Flavour: M1 Garand (3 points)

Yep. She's holding an M1 Garand in that episode. Check the "Firearms in the Pokemon World" page on Bulbapedia for details

Pokemon: Gallade (3 points)

That thing learns a whopping 88 moves. Wonder if it will keep that title if they make a Gen VI. No doubt Chainy would get whatever he's missing XD. Also, this is for you.

Flavour 2: Youngster Joey (3 points)

Had to throw in an easy one. Glad you guys remember the beginning of the games.

Video Games 2: Attack IV must be lower than the gender ratio. (3 points)

If you put anything about a gender ratio or threshold, I took it.

Math: 4654 (I'll take anything close to that) (5 points)

If you had anything close to there (about 100 off or so), I'll take it. Otherwise, I started to take off points. Nice work on those who got full credit.

URPG History: [Fair] and Ataro

A lot of you put T17 and Kanga. I never saw anything where it said T17 was the new editor in chief or anything; I only saw that he posted the thread. I talked to others
about Kanga and they believe he was only a regular editor.

Stories: The Numbers Game by MaverickKaiser (3 points)

The number, MavÖ..what do they mean?

Stories 2: From the awkward archives of Alex Vangze by DaRkUmBrEoN (18 mons)

Dratini, Chansey, Growlithe, Wooper, Pidgey, Geodude, Caterpie, Pichu, Weedle, Hoothoot, Spinarak, Taillow, Oddish, Smoochum, Zubat, Shellder, Hoppip, and Elekid (5

A lot of you put Monsters of the Machine before I clarified this. I saw the grade for this and was like "the heck?" Didn't know it was so simple to write grades back then.

Pokemon 2: Donphan (3 points)

Azuril does not count since I'm asking for Gen II Pokemon and it did not exist at that time. I saw Donphan in the movie and was like "what is that thing?" lol

Well, that's all I have for now. Good luck with the next quiz. I'll try to be clearer on my questions next time.

By MaverickKaiser

Maverick: So, what do you think of the current URPG government

LS: Hm... it's.. weird. There's too much newblood. It's changed so much over the past few years and I think it's just changed into something completely different
than what it used to be. I just think they need more old people to be involved you know.

Maverick: Interesting

LS: Harry doesnít count, he has barely been involved in the URPG before he took leadership.

Maverick: But what old people are still involved that can actually make a difference? Juniors barely around and Pidge is gone half the time. WTP does his best I assume

LS: Yeah, I know. I just think they either got fed up or decided to give up on URPG. Seeing as how it doesnít look like anythingís going to change anytime soon. I
just donít see how like youíre in the URPG for a year and you are automatically a senior ref or whatever.

Maverick: Well that's just Ash. He's...special

LS: Well not even just Ash. Ash isnít important to me at all; its just I leave for a few months and I come back then there's Chainreaction who Iíve never heard of is a mod. Everyoneís getting promoted. Iíve been around for 6 years and I'm in the same position. Iíve demoted, since I canít ref anymore.

Maverick: True that does seem a bit unfair. Do you think it's because those in power don't see you as competent enough?

LS: It's because I'm a hassle, I never agree with the majority and I'm rude and mean (apparently). However I donít do that because I think the majority of URPGíers
just nod and say "ok" to the "People in power" because they either think "oh theyíre mod ok that means theyíre the best" or they donít care enough.

Maverick: I know how you feel. Isn't it true that groups need diversity instead of conformity?

LS: Er, theyíre both good in a way. I just think that people need to actually give opinions on things rather than letting officials and mods take care of things. The reason why they never shared any information with us (at least my theory) is because they thought nobody cares, or that "they'll agree because why wouldnít they"

Maverick: I see. What about Pidge? Do you think he may have something to do with the leaks?

LS: No clue, I doubt it. Pidge has always been involved in the URPG even when he was banned on pe2k. He was always there, he wouldnít just spend all that time
and then risk getting banned.

Maverick: But didn't he say he wanted to destroy the URPG?

LS: Link?

Maverick: Well it was a Lifestream post. I can try and find it

LS: I doubt leaking will destroy the URPG and Pidge is a joker

Maverick: So how do you think Ketamine got the information from the staff boards?

LS: Again, no clue. All I know about his banning.

Maverick: Keta doesn't have access. So wouldn't either be WTP

LS: Is that the mods say that they tried to tell him to stop and he didnít

Maverick: Or Pidge?

LS: They have no records of ever confronting him, about the leaks. So his banning wasnít justified and why would you pick those two names?

Maverick: Due to the fact most of the mods aren't as social with TE as the older veterans. I'm not sure Junior had mod access

LS: Both WTP and Pidge have been involved way too long to ever do something like that and I'm sure they'd pick someone other than TE to do the work.

Maverick: But wouldn't they have some type of connection? Perhaps a chat room to do this in? As rumours go of course

LS: Bro, we donít just leak information from the URPG in SSO, we barely even talk about the URPG in SSO. So whatever theory youíre trying to bring up, TE said he
doesnít know who gave him the information and I believe him

Maverick: So it's all under that one account

LS: What account?

Maverick: That link, something account, the one some people got messaged

LS: I guess, I donít know much about the whole actual "leaking" process especially since all TE did was leak 3 things that werenít even that important

Maverick: But why did TE do it to begin with?

LS: Because its harmless? Everyone got so defensive about it though. I dont see why

Maverick: Perhaps it was the fact he had gotten information from the Staff Boards? A board hidden for a reason?

LS: From a source, why should he be punished for something that wasnt his fault. They banned TE to show that they did something about the leaks. Anyway you know my opinion on this, thereís two threads out there with my opinion. People can go read that

Maverick: True but people would rather see this right? I mean this is your chance to rage against the machine/

LS: I got a lot of **** for it in the past because it seems everyone always sides against me. So I donít know. I havenít brought up the topic in a few weeks now and
I really donít care anymore.

Maverick: Ahhh

LS: Yep, is there anything else?

Maverick: Hmm not much else unless you have something to say to the masses?

LS: Not really

Story of the Week
By Buoysel.

This issue's Story of the Week is Dog of Hellsing's Rainbow Factory, which is, of course, a simply enthralling grimdark tale as per usual. The main reason for choosing this is because I really can't be bothered reading everything because I have currently fallen prey to some sort of lazy disease. It's a great story about a factory made out of rainbows... maybe. ;} You're going to have to read it to know exactly what it's about, and I heard that Jess is offering to lapdance anyone who is prepared to read it (for full details on what she'll offer for actually grading her story, you'll need to visit her website -- however, I can't link it here, as it's not, strictly speaking, a website that BMG would allow). I'm not going to describe the real contents of the story to you, though. That doesn't come under my job contract. I AM SIMPLY HERE TO AWARD AN INCONSEQUENTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY. NOTHING ELSE. I'm also here to make strange comments that no-one finds funny anyway.

So, congrats, Jess! Post to claim that 1,000 in money that I'm sure you love and need.

Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
By MaverickKaiser and SLC04

It's that part of the URPG times again - POTBW! After the last issue was released, me and Alaska rolled for the next mon, and this is what came up:

Usually, when a basic is rolled we evolve it for the purposes of the article. However, me and Mav thought it would be interesting to write a guide for Murkrow. However, even if you own a Honchkrow you can claim your 1000.

How to Obtain One

Murkrow isn't incredibly easy to capture, but it's not the most difficult of Pokťmon to obtain. Of course, the first way I'm going to suggest is by story - you'll need a decent plot in addition to at least 10000 characters. On the other hand, you can encounter it amongst the other dark-, psychic-, and steel- types you can find in Meteor Valley. If any of these types tickle your fancy, I suggest buying a voice disc for a Murkrow and heading over to the park in search of one.


Murkrow is a fantastic Pokemon and with the introduction of Black and White, it gained some new toys to bring to the field. It's most notable gain is the DW ability, Pranskter. Prankster gives +1 Priority to any non attacking move, so Reflect, Grasswhistle, even give Protect a bonus +1 as well just cause you can. This plays well with Murkrow and it can be a terror if not met correctly. Since Murkrow is a unevolved Pokemon, Evolite would be the standard equip item. Evolite boosts the defense and special defense of an unevolved Pokemon by 1.5x so it's good since Murkrow has a below average special defense. When it comes to extra moves, the more the better. Murkrow barely gets any useless moves and with a 283 Attack stat and 263 special, there's no limit to what you can't do with it. Daycare moves should be a main concern with Murkrow and get those out the way. Heat Wave and Fetherdance are good choices to start with. Icy Wind, Psychic and Shadow Ball would come next. Protect, Sub and Roost(Priority) should be next. Murkrow gets other moves so try out some and see what works for you.

TM List

Prankster [DWA]
FeatherDance [DC]
Heat Wave [DC]
Shadow Ball
Icy Wind


Closing Comments

See you everyone, Iím going dancing.

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