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there is no way you can describe a color, if you find a way to hack facebook, and you tell them, you will be 500$ richer, stick your hands in your pocket, and push hard outwards in 20 secounds and behold the effect, men sees better than women, and women hear better, there are 170000000000000000000000000 ways to play the ten opening moves in a game of chess. according to scienc, the most commen name in the world would be mohammed chang, but not very many people has that name, 9 million people was born the same day as you did, there is a math formula to calculate how to get the perfect @ss, you can die if you fall out of bet at night, but that is rare, the rare status blindvision makes you unable to know what you see, but you still know what anything in the room looks like, there are trees in italy that grew from bfore jesus was born, 5000 years ago! the worlds oldest person, gave her house away for free, if she could live there till she died, she turned 122 years ad the man she gave it to died bfore her!, males cannot write pretty on paper till they are 14, there is a fire stored in australia that has burned 5000years constantly,
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