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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Kiseki smiled in response to Caroline’s kiss on the cheek, returning it with one of his own before his attention shifted to Jeremy as he responded to Ichiru.

"Bonnie became a doctor and I became a detective; both of us wanted to use are abilities to help people."

"If a person is dying then I either get my hands on Vampire blood to heal them or I cast a healing spell. I can't stand to see people die when they still have their whole life ahead of them." Bonnie added.

"You weren't able to save Diana's boyfriend, were you..." Bonnie and Jeremy looked over to Damon while the twins looked down, already knowing the answer.

"Sadly no. By the time Jeremy was at the scene after the 911 call he was already dead. I tried to ask the spirits of the Witches to bring him back to life but they wouldn't allow it; they said it would be against the balance of nature." Bonnie responded, to which Damon gave a small nod. However, before anyone could say anything else, yelling coming from the direction of Abigail and Scarlet brought all eyes back to the two toddlers, who were fighting over a large stick.

"Give me the branch Abby!" Scarlet yelled in frustration.

"No! You give me!" Abigail yelled back. Ichiru sighed almost in unison with Ashley, starting to get up as well, but the brunette beat him to it, using her Vampire speed to cross the yard and get between the two.

Ichiru and Kiseki heard Isobel chuckle softly, although she didn’t make a comment this time as Ashley spoke with the toddlers, who each gave her a hug shortly after before she returned. Kiseki looked over to Ichiru then with a smile.

“You and Ashley are almost completely in sync with your parenting.”

Ichiru chuckled softly in response as Bonnie stood up, announcing that she was going to get some drinks with Jeremy following behind her.

"I'll come help."

"We'll help too." Isobel offered with a smile, though Bonnie and Jeremy shook their heads.

"No it's fine." Bonnie told her with a smile, Jeremy and herself heading inside shortly after.

"I wish that there was something we could do to make Diana feel better." Stefan said as he looked at everyone.

"We'll just let Bonnie and Jeremy handle it." Lexi responded as the older Vampire nodded. Everything fell silent then as Kiseki was led back out into the yard to play with Abigail and Scarlet, Ichiru watching them for a few minutes before his mind began to wander back to that uneasy feeling he had. Why, with all of this peace, did he feel so badly about being back?

"Something doesn't feel right." Ichiru snapped out of his thoughts when his enhanced hearing picked up on Bonnie’s and Jeremy’s conversation inside the house.

"Are you sure? How doesn't it feel right?" Jeremy responded to the Witch in confusion.

"I can't explain it. It feels like... danger is coming." A few moments of silence came after Bonnie’s answer, and Ichiru’s gaze went to the ground. So he wasn’t the only one that sensed it… Judging from the look on the rest of the group’s faces, they had caught the conversation as well. Even Kiseki seemed to sense the change in the atmosphere from where he was with the girls.

Ichiru wrapped an arm around Ashley’s shoulders and gently pulled her closer to him as Kiseki returned to Caroline’s side with a questioning look, having not heard the conversation from his distance, but still clearly sensing and even seeing the fear in the group’s expressions.

“Everything will be okay.” Ichiru said to Ashley softly, deciding to ignore his own uneasiness. He couldn’t say that with complete certainty, which he hoped she couldn’t sense, but then again they had gone through hell and back in one piece already, they should be able to make it through again, right?
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