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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Back in Chicago Rebekah waited patiently for her brothers to waken, although Klaus wasn't so patient as he began to pace back and forth again. Rebekah looked up at her brother's Ghost in annoyance, dramatically rolling her eyes.

"Well you please stop pacing, Nik? It's very distracting." Rebekah said, bringing Klaus to glare at her.

"I just want to stop father." Klaus responded.

"What year is it anyway?" Rebekah asked in confusion.

"It's 2030 now." Klaus responded.

"W-what?" Rebekah was clearly shocked.

"I daggered you in 1922 in this same city, so I can see why you would be quite shocked and confused. You've been asleep for a hundred and eight years, little sister." Rebekah was about to answer her brother until Finn suddenly sat up and gasped for air just like Rebekah had done, Kol doing the same a few seconds later.

"Are you guys alright?" Rebekah asked in concern as she looked at her two brothers.

"Yeah." Kol nodded as his and Finn's features went back to normal. "Did you free us?"

"Nik did. He's a Ghost and he needs our help. Father is going to try and destroy our bodies, so we need to get out of the city and to Fells Church where we can resurrect Nik. He wants to help us." Rebekah explained as Klaus walked over to the group.

"How do you know father wants to kill us? And how the hell did you die?" Finn challenged as him and Kol stood to their feet, the eldest brother not believing Klaus.

"I'm telling you the truth Finn! Why else would I free Rebekah? I know this because I have been watching father, and I died from Elijah. Elijah killed me." Klaus responded back.

"How did Elijah kill you? Where is he now?" Kol asked as all eyes were glued on Klaus.

"He had Witches kill me, but they took his life too. Now, do you guys have anymore questions or would you like to get out of this damn city before father comes here?" Klaus hissed. Finn, Kol and Rebekah looked at each other for a few long moments, bringing Finn to nod his head.

"Fine, we'll go, but first the three of us must do something." Finn said as he began to walk towards the exit.

"And what might that be?" Rebekah asked. Finn turned around with a smirk on his face, a lust for thirst in his eyes.

"We have a whole city as a playground. Let's go raise a little hell by drinking the humans dry." Finn responded, bringing the others to smirk as well.

Back in Fells Church the group smiled when seeing Abigail, Scarlet and even Kiseki begin to play in the backyard, watching as the three played.

"He's such a kid." Caroline giggled as she looked at Kiseki. They watched as Kiseki placed little crowns of braided flowers on the toddler's heads, then walked over to Caroline and placed one on top of her head as well. The curly haired blonde laughed, giving the male Vampire a kiss on the cheek as Kenny watched from his room with a pout, the young boy wanting to come outside.

“So, what have you two been up to all this time?” Ichiru asked as Bonnie and Jeremy looked over to him.

"Bonnie became a doctor and I became a detective; both of us wanted to use are abilities to help people." Jeremy responded.

"If a person is dying then I either get my hands on Vampire blood to heal them or I cast a healing spell. I can't stand to see people die when they still have their whole life ahead of them." Bonnie added.

"You weren't able to save Diana's boyfriend, were you..." Damon spoke as Bonnie and Jeremy looked over to the Vampire.

"Sadly no. By the time Jeremy was at the scene after the 911 call he was already dead. I tried to ask the spirits of the Witches to bring him back to life but they wouldn't allow it; they said it would be against the balance of nature." Bonnie said, bringing Damon to give a small nod. There was a cold silence for a few moments until yelling was heard, bringing the group to look over to the two toddlers again.

"Give me the branch Abby!" Scarlet yelled in frustration, the two toddlers fighting over a large stick.

"No! You give me!" Abigail yelled back. Ashley sighed and stood up, using her Vampire speed to cross the yard and stand in between the two twins, grabbing the branch.

"Will you two please behave and get along for once?" Ashley asked as she knelt down on her knee to be at the same eye level as her daughters.

"Sorry mommy." Abigail said as the two girls gave Ashley a hug, bringing the group and Ashley to smile. The two toddlers then ran off to go play again as Ashley stood up to join the group, though Bonnie stood up as Ashley sat down.

"I'm gonna go bring us some drinks." Bonnie said as Jeremy stood up as well.

"I'll come help." Jeremy offered.

"We'll help too." Isobel said with a smile, though Bonnie and Jeremy shook their heads.

"No it's fine." Bonnie said with a smile, her and Jeremy entering the house.

"I wish that there was something we could do to make Diana feel better." Stefan said as he looked at everyone.

"We'll just let Bonnie and Jeremy handle it." Lexi said as Stefan nodded, though Damon was lost in thought about the newly met Witch. He couldn't understand why she was entering his thoughts after just meeting her...

Back in the kitchen Jeremy and Bonnie were preparing glasses of lemonade, having had made two pitchers just that morning. Bonnie was in the middle of pouring a glass until she suddenly stopped, staring out into space with her eyes widened.

"Bonnie?" Jeremy asked in concern as he lightly shook her, though she continued to look out into space. "Bonnie? Are you alright?"

"I... I don't know." Bonnie said, blinking her eyes a few times before looking at Jeremy. "Something doesn't feel right."

"Are you sure? How doesn't it feel right?" Jeremy asked in confusion.

"I can't explain it. It feels like... danger is coming." Bonnie responded. Her and Jeremy stared at each other for a few long moments, taking Bonnie's hand and lightly rubbing the top of it.

"Should we tell the others?" Jeremy asked though Bonnie shook her head.

"They just got back, and it might just be nothing. I don't want to worry them." Jeremy nodded at Bonnie's words, the two beginning to pour the lemonade into the glasses again. Back outside however Ashley, Caroline, Kotomi, Isobel, Lexi and the Salvatore brothers heard the conversation with their enhanced hearing, bringing them to stare at each other in both shock and fear.
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