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Default Re: The Ultimate Mapping Project/Gallery

The grid on the maps makes it pretty hard to offer much criticism. What I will say though, is that you need to use the shaded version of the trees where it should be shaded, to make it blend better.
You need more flowers too, and place them like this:
Where F is a flower and X is whatever else.
In a few cases, such as on the grass with the line of mountain on top of it (looks like this:
Grass is G and mountain is M), you have used it incorrectly, as there should still be a litle but of mountain behind it so it joins to the other part of the mountain (this may just be a fault on my behalf though, due to the grid making it confusing).
Also try to make things a little less square, for instance that pond. Oh and you need to credit whoever made those mountain and rock tiles.

Anyway, hope this helps, I'm terrible at explaining stuff. :\
Oh and there isn't really anyone active any more lol...
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