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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

My Post

Nineteen years after Ashley and her friends left Fells Church...

In the city of Chicago rested a large, rundown warehouse which hadn't been touched in decades, 'Keep Out' signs plastering the building along with barbed windows with black sheets over them and bolt locks which only locked from the inside. On the second floor of the warehouse displayed four closed caskets lined up in a row, looking as though they haven't been touched in years. An eerie breeze traveled through the room, which was impossible due to there weren't any draft at all.

One of the caskets suddenly flew open then, revealing a girl inside who looked to be only in her older teen years. She wore a stunning silver dress which had shimmering sparkles all over it, along with a pearl necklace and white high heels. This young woman had blonde curly hair much like Caroline's, her features absolutely beautiful. In the middle of her chest however rested a dagger, the weapon that will kill an Original Vampire as long as it stays in the heart. Her skin was a dark gray, covered in the familiar black veins.

The dagger in her heart began to slowly shake back and forth in her chest, slowly beginning to leave her chest by an invisible force. Once the dagger was out of the young woman's chest it hovered over the casket for a few moments, then finally dropping to the floor.

"Wake up little sister." Klaus' voice suddenly entered the room, though he was unseen. "You need to resurrect me; we have some people to kill back in Fells Church since they finally returned." Even though Klaus was unseen, an evil smirk was on his face with the lust to kill glistening in his deadly blue eyes.

About an hour had passed with the Ghost of Klaus pacing back and forth impatiently in front of the opened coffin, waiting for his sister to awaken. He knew that it took a while for an Original to rise again from being daggered with the ashes, but Klaus was heartless and grew very impatient.

"Why must you be so dramatic even in death, Rebekah?" Klaus growled in annoyance. A few moments later however Rebekah suddenly sat up and gasped for air, her skin going back to it's normal color and the black veins disappearing. "Finally you're awake."

"Nik?" Rebekah asked in shock as she looked around the room, though she didn't see anyone as she slowly stepped out of the coffin and onto the dusty floor.

"I'm right in front of you." Klaus responded, bringing Rebekah to smirk after a few moments of realization.

"You're dead, Niklaus. Someone finally killed you. Too bad though; I wanted to be the one to do it." Rebekah pouted.

"I need you to resurrect me so I can be a Hybrid again." Klaus said as Rebekah folded her arms across her chest, Klaus' image finally becoming visible to her.

"And why would I help you? You're the one who daggered me!" Rebekah snapped as she glared at her brother in the eye.

"I only daggered you to keep you safe! Father almost found us so I daggered you for your own protection! Father is alive, Rebekah. He knows where the coffins are and will not stop until he comes here and destroys yours, Kol's, Finn's and mother's bodies!" Klaus lied, their father's body being locked away in a tomb on the other side of the country.

"Father is still trying to kill us?" Rebekah asked in shock, bringing Klaus to nod.

"That's why I need you to resurrect me so I can protect you and our family." Klaus explained as Rebekah nodded, looking over at the remaining coffins. The blonde walked over to them and opened the top of each one, taking out the daggers from Finn's and Kol's hearts so they awaken as well.

"I'm freeing Finn and Kol too. Since there is a spell on mother's coffin then father won't be able to open it. What do we need to do to resurrect you?" Rebekah asked as she looked over to Klaus.

"We need to go to Fells Church; it's a small town in Virginia but has so much Supernatural power that is needed for the ritual." Klaus responded as Rebekah nodded, bringing Klaus to turn around as an evil smirk came across his face. Since he is a Ghost of a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid he is able to block out Elijah's Ghost so he doesn't warn Rebekah about Klaus' lies.

"I can't believe we're going back to Fells Church." Ashley said as she was behind the wheel of a car, Abigail and Scarlet sitting excitedly in the back seat. The group was taking a few separate cars so that everyone didn't have to cram their selves into one, which would had made the car ride very irritating.

"Are we almost there, mommy?" Scarlet asked, the two five year olds looking out the window.

"We'll be there in just a few minutes." Ashley responded with a smile, then looking into the rear view mirror and seeing three more cars following them. "At least they didn't get lost." Ashley said with a small chuckle. A few minutes had passed until they reached a very familiar house, Jeremy and Bonnie moving into Jenna's house since her and Alaric moved away after Ashley's 'death'. It still tore Ashley apart inside that she had to fake her death in order for Jenna to never see her again, but what choice did Ashley have in the matter? Jenna could never find out the truth about the Supernatural and that Ashley was a Vampire...

"Are we here?" Abigail asked as Ashley parked the car, the other three cars behind her doing the same.

"We're here." Ashley said with a smile, bringing Abigail and Scarlet to smile as they unbuckled their seat belts and ran out of the car. "Be careful you two!" Ashley quickly got out of the car to make sure there weren't any cars coming, bringing her to sigh in relief when the traffic was clear.

"You two need to pay attention more." Damon said as he stepped out of the middle car and out from the driver's seat.

"Yeah yeah yeah uncle Damon." Scarlet said as she stuck out her tounge, which made Damon smirk.

"Oh really?" Damon picked up the five year old and began tickling her which made her laugh.

"Jeremy and Bonnie have no idea that we're coming, right?" Lexi asked as the group joined together on the sidewalk, though Kotomi walked over to Abigail and picked her up since Damon had Scarlet.

"That's right." Ashley nodded.

"Looks like they're going to be pretty surprised." Isobel chuckled as the group walked towards the porch and up the stairs, then to the door. Stefan extended his arm and knocked on the door a few times, Lexi giving a smile as excitement washed over the group. Footsteps could be heard from inside the house, growing closer to the door until the doorknob began to turn.

"Yes?" A female voice asked as she opened the door, though when she saw the group her mouth immediately dropped to the floor.

"Hey Bonnie." Ashley said with a smile, seeing that Bonnie had aged a bit but was still very beautiful. Bonnie was speechless for a few long moments out of shock but once she got over it she wrapped her arms around Ashley tightly, seeing everyone behind Ashley; even Abigail and Scarlet.

"I can't believe you guys are back! And I finally get to meet Abigail and Scarlet!" Bonnie said excitedly, releasing Ashley and looking at the five year old twin girls. "Who is who?"

"Abigail is the one with the pink ribbon in her hair and Scarlet is the one with the blue ribbon in her hair." Lexi responded with a smile. Footsteps were then heard from behind Bonnie, bringing her and the group to turn around and see Jeremy. Like Bonnie, Jeremy had aged a bit but still looked really good. Jeremy was speechless as he wrapped his arms around his sister, happy that her and the group finally came back.

"It's been way too long... please don't ever leave again." Jeremy said as he released his sister to look at her, though she looked down.

"You know we'll have to in a few years... people will realize that we aren't aging." Ashley said, bringing Jeremy to sigh and nod.

"We'll just have to make the most of it then." Jeremy gave the group a smile, walking into the house with Bonnie following. "I'm not sure if the invitation thing expires for something but all of you are invited in."

"I don't think it does." Stefan chuckled as the group walked inside the house.

"Abigail and Scarlet wouldn't need an invitation anyway since they're human." Damon said, putting Scarlet down as Kotomi did the same with Abigail. It was in the middle of Spring time so Abigail and Scarlet had cute little sundresses on. Ashley went to open her mouth to speak until yelling could be heard coming from upstairs, bringing everyone to look up in that direction as a young boy who greatly resembled a younger Jeremy came sprinting down the stairs, following by an older girl who actually looked like a combination of Bonnie, Jeremy and even Ashley.

"What did I tell you about touching my laptop, Kenny! Now I have to start my Marine Biology paper all over again because you deleted it!" The girl yelled in anger as Kenny began laughing.

"Well that's what you get for leaving your laptop unintended, Diana." Kenny laughed, though when the two reached the bottom of the stairs they froze, seeing the group for the first time.

"Oh... hi." Diana said as she twirled one of her many perfect curls with her finger.

"Kenny, what did we tell you about using your sister's laptop?" Jeremy asked in a disproving tone.

"I just... I wanted to go on Ebay." Kenny responded.

"You know you're banned from that website after you took our credit card and went on a shopping spree! Now go to your room young man." Bonnie said as she pointed up the stairs, bringing Kenny to pout and walk up to his room.

"Who are you guys?" Diana asked with a friendly smile, though for some reason Damon couldn't tear his gaze away from the young Witch. Why was that?

"Remember all the stories your father and I tell you and Kenny? About Ashley and her friends?" Bonnie asked, though Diana's friendly smile faded away quickly as she looked at the group.

"You're the Vampires..." Anger could clearly be seen in Diana's eyes as she spoke, bringing the group to look at her in confusion. "I have to be somewhere." Diana said, quickly moving passed the group and out of the house.

"What... what just happened?" Kotomi asked, bringing Bonnie to sigh.

"A month ago Diana's boyfriend was killed by a Vampire who was passing through Fells Church. Ever since then she's hated Vampires." Bonnie responded, bringing Ashley to look down.

"Was it a mistake to come back then?" Damon asked as Jeremy quickly shook his head.

"No, not at all. Bonnie and I will talk to her." Jeremy said. A smacking sound was then heard as eyes quickly went to Abigail and Scarlet, a red mark appearing on Abigail's arm already.

"Did you hit her?" Ashley asked in shock as she looked at Scarlet.

"Abby pulled my hair!" Scarlet answered.

"Both of you knock it off or else you two will be in time-out." Ashley ordered as Jeremy and Bonnie both chuckled, seeing Ashley's motherly side for the very first time.

"Let's go in the backyard so the two girls can run around while we all catch up." Jeremy said, walking towards the backdoor.
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