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Default [SU] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World (closed for now)

(This RP is the sequel of my old RP called The Secrets of Fells Church. For anyone who would like to join but wasn't in the first one then please read the RP so you can be caught up. Thank you =] )

In Virgina lies a small town named Fells Church. Fells Church was founded by the Fells family back in the 1500's. Basically the town lived up to it's reputation by being the best town for farming. The citizens took their farming very seriously. There was only one church in town that everyone went to and loved. Men, women, children, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires...yes, Vampire, Werewolves and Witches lived in Fells Church as well. They had to keep their secret hidden from the humans, or else they would be killed. Decades had passed, bringing it over to the 1600's. In 1692, the Salem Witch Trials were starting in Salem, Massachusetts and Fells Church, Virgina did the same. From June through September of 1692, nineteen men and women, all having been convicted of Witchcraft, were carted to Gallows Hill, a barren slope near Salem Village, for hanging. Another man of over eighty years was pressed to death under heavy stones for refusing to submit to a trial on Witchcraft charges. Hundreds of others faced accusations of Witchcraft while dozens languished in jail for months without trials. Then, almost as soon as it had begun, the hysteria that swept through Salem, Massachusetts ended, along with the Witch Trials in Fells Church. 200 people were convicted of Witchcraft, and all 200 people were entirely innocent. It takes a lot more then that to catch a real Witch.

In 1864 a Werewolf named George Lockwood had told the small town of Fells Church about the Vampires living right underneath their noses. The Gilbert's, Lockwood's, and so many other families managed to round up all twenty-seven Vampires by injecting them with Vervain oil and brought them to the only church in town. Once all the Vampires were trapped, the families set the church into flames and watched it burn to the ground. What the founding families didn't know however was that a Witch named Emily Bennett put a spell on the church, protecting the Vampires from the deadly flames. Normally she would had never interfered, but Emily became friends with a Vampire named Katherine who had gotten captured and trapped inside the church. Little did Emily know though was that Katherine escaped before the church was set to blaze from George Lockwood who was obsessed with her, wanting a Moonstone that Katherine had.

Besides Witches, there were Vampires and Werewolves as well. In Fells Church the people had known about the Supernatural back then, and knew how to destroy them. They would have to strike a Vampire threw the heart with a wooden stake and kill a Werewolf with a silver bullet through the heart. All the Supernatural creatures had fled away from Fells Church for a few hundred years. So now it brings us to the present time, where Fells Church isn't a farm town anymore. The town is still small, but they added nice houses and buildings where the crops had once grown. There are a few buildings that still stand from the 1500's, including the burnt down church next to the cemetery remaining untouched.

There's a question however that invade some people's minds; who were the very first Vampires? Werewolves and Witches/Warlocks were created by nature, being a natural balance in the world which the genes can be passed on, but where had Vampires come from? There is only one answer for that; the Originals. The Original Family is the line of the first Vampires in existence, meaning all Vampires are descended from them. They are significantly more powerful than any other Vampire created since then. They were created by Esther, the The Original Witch, who also placed the Hybrid Curse on Niklaus. They possess little to no weaknesses, except a dagger combined with the ash of a White Oak Tree. The Original Family of Vampires lived within the European area’s for many centuries. All together, there are only six Original Vampires; Mikael, Elijah, Finn, Niklaus, Kol, and Rebekah.

The first members of this family were a man named Mikael and his wife Esther. They were wealthy landowners in an Eastern European village until they were devastated by a plague, which killed their only child at the time. They heard from a Witch named Ayanna that there was a land where everyone was healthy and strong — a land that happened to be the new world. Mikael and Esther traveled to this paradise with Ayanna, where they settled in next to the constantly healthy folk — the Werewolves — and lived peacefully. In the years to follow Esther bore six more children, though Mikael often clashed with his son, Klaus. Things got even worse when Klaus and his brother Henrik snuck out to watch the Werewolves transform one night and one of the beasts mauled Henrik to death.

Grief-stricken, Mikael decided to search for a way to protect his family from the Werewolves. Though the village Witch refused to help him in fear of upsetting the balance of nature, Mikael soon found another Witch who would help him – his wife, Esther. They devised something that would heighten and oppose the Werewolves’ own abilities; strength, agility, and speed. Esther drew on mystic symbols to create the spell, using the Sun as the symbol for life and the white oak tree, one of nature's few eternal objects, as the source of immortality. In order to complete the ritual, Mikael had his children drink wine laced with blood of Tatia, who was the Original Petrova Doppelganger, and then he thrust his sword through their chests. They awoke in transition, and on their father’s orders, drank human blood, completing their transformation. Nature, however fought back, and for every strength there was a weakness.

The sun that gave them life burned them, their thirst was insatiable, and their neighbors could close their homes to them. Vervain flowers that grew at the base of the white oak tree burned them and protected against compulsion. The white oak tree, which gave them immortality, could also destroy them. In the end, they burned the tree. When Klaus made his first kill, it triggered his Werewolf gene, bringing Mikael to realize that Klaus was the result of an affair Esther had with a Werewolf villager. Mikael hunted down and killed Klaus's father and his entire family, igniting a war betwen Vampires and Werewolves that still exists to this day. Soon after becoming a Vampire and discovering his werewolf bloodline, Esther cursed Klaus, forcing his Werewolf side dormant. In retaliation, Klaus murdered his mother, and framed Mikael for the act.

Original Vampires can only be neutralized by taking a silver dagger dipped in the ash remains of the white oak tree and driving it through their hearts. However, Klaus is a hybrid, and since silver daggers do not affect him (Werewolves heal when wounded by silver), the only way to kill Klaus is with a stake carved from the white oak tree. Mikael had carved one before it was burned down, causing Klaus to fear him.

After Esther's death, Elijah and Rebekah swore to stick to Niklaus always and forever, though Finn and Kol had fled to live their lives as Vampires. However, Klaus fearing for his family's life, hunted down his siblings and daggered them. Finn was the first to be caught and he remained daggered for 900 years. Kol was found in the early 1900s and also neutralized. Rebekah got neutralized after she fell in love with a Vampire and tried to leave Klaus for him. Having almost been found by Mikael a few moments earlier, Klaus didn't want him to find her, so taking matters into his own hands, Klaus protected his sister by daggering her. He dragged his family's bodies around in coffins which he never left. However, Elijah was the only one to escape his wrath. Klaus lead Elijah to believe that he had dropped his siblings in the ocean so that they could never be found. For this, Elijah swore revenge against Klaus.

Over the years, legend begun to surround the Originals as their story became lost to history: all knew that they were the first generation of Vampires but knew next to nothing about them. Only one was actually known to all: Klaus. He was believed, mistakenly, to be the oldest Vampire in the world. Elijah was also known but none knew that he was Klaus's older brother, believing that he was Klaus's lackey and a lot less powerful (which was true but not by much). Elijah was however serving his own interests namely Klaus's destruction. Mikael was also known but no one knew he was an Original: he was infamously known for being the Vampire who hunted other Vampires whereas his true object was to hunt down and kill Klaus, being feared by many. Klaus had planned on breaking the curse that was amoung him so he could truly be a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid, which he successfully achieved before being killed by Ashley Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Ichiru Kagami, Kiseki Kagami, Kotomi Kagami, Elijah and a few others. Now brings nineteen years later, the ghosts of their enemies and allies returning...

Vampires: Despite some differences from humans, these Vampires blend in and pass as humans without any problems. Like in most Vampire stories, they’re paler than humans, with a cooler body temperature. While they do have heartbeats, they are much slower than a normal human heartbeat. These Vampires also have fangs. They’re on the canine/eye teeth and they lengthen and sharpen with the need to feed from the scent of blood. Once their canine teeth appear, their eyes will begin to change as well. Their veins around their eyes will surface and their eyes themselves will turn either bloody red, black as the night, or both. They can walk in sunlight unharmed if they wear the semi-precious gemstone called Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is known as the ‘night stone’ (due to it being dark blue with gold, star-like flecks), and is a protective talisman for Vampires. The most common way to wear it is in the form of a ring, but it can also be worn as an pendant form around their neck. These Vampires have great strength and speed, able to move faster than any human. They’re able to jump and fall from high places, landing with cat-like grace, even if they’re rescuing a falling human in the process, and they’re pretty handy at scaling up the sides of buildings with ease. They certainly have no problems snapping logs bare-handed and uprooting innocent trees, and heavy objects are no obstacle. The more human blood a Vampire drinks, the stronger and faster they become. Vampires also have very enhanced senses, with sharper vision, the ability to see in the dark (though they do rely on some source of light to be able to see, so they are as blind as humans in pitch dark environments), outstanding hearing, and a far superior sense of smell.

Even the weaker Vampires have the ability to influence humans and bend them to their will, from making them do things, to seeing things that aren’t there, and even forgetting about events entirely. Only Original Vampires are able to do these things to Vampires. If the Vampire is powerful enough, then they can maintain a connection with their victim over a distance, essentially turning them into a puppet for their own whims. Another mental power is the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. They are also able to ‘speak’ with humans in this way, though it’s something that happens far less frequently than Vampire to Vampire telepathic communication. Vampires are also able to pick up on human thoughts and emotions. There seems to be an element of the human broadcasting their thoughts rather than the Vampire actively digging around in people’s heads. Vampires have the ability to shift into animal form. They’re limited to only a few such forms, and it’s an ability that depends on how strong a Vampire’s powers are, and how much human blood they’ve been drinking. Vampires who only drink animal blood are able to shift into an animal as well, but they can only change into one, two at the most. Not only can they assume animal form, they also have the ability to control animals, turning otherwise peaceful creatures into mindless, dangerous beasts who will turn on their human owners and attack with the intent to kill. Stronger Vampires also have the ability to control the weather, from whipping up wind to making it snow, to even manipulating lightning.

Without Lapis Lazuli, sunlight is lethal to them, though Original Vampires are uneffected by the sun even if they don't have Lapis Lazuli. Even a few seconds in sunlight to the other Vampires can cause exposed flesh to burn and blister. There is a catch with the Lapis Lazuli though. In order for it to work, a Witch has to put a spell on it in order for a Vampire to go in the sunlight. The spell lasts forever unless a Witch takes the spell off the gem. So a Vampire can't just buy a jewelry item with Lapis Lazuli in it and go in the sunlight, because it won't work without the spell. An Werewolf bite is also fatal to a Vampire, though it is harmless to an Original Vampire. In order to enter a house a Vampire has to be invited in. It doesn’t have to be by the owner of the house, but it does have to be an invitation from a living human; even Originals aren't able to enter a house without an invitation

A stake through the heart, burning a Vampire alive or cutting off the head will kill a Vampire. It also appears that Vampires can actually die from extreme trauma and blood loss. If a Vampire is able to drink blood after severe damage is inflicted, then they will heal and regain their strength. However, if the trauma is great enough and they are unable to get any blood, then they’ll die. This kind of damage is only likely to be sustained in a fight with one of their own kind. If a human was on the verge of dying, a Vampire can give that person Vampire blood and heal them. They have to be careful though because if the blood doesn't heal the human in time and if they die, they will turn into a Vampire.

If a Vampire ingests an herb called Vervain - be it injected into them directly, drunk via the blood of a human who has it in their system, or hidden in a normal drink - it poisons them, rendering them weak and helpless for a certain period of time; depending on how much Vervain. A rope soaked in Vervain oil is enough to securely restrain a Vampire, and also cause them pain in the process as the oil is rubbed into their skin. Vervain is also the only defense against mind control. Simply holding some of the flower is enough to prevent Vampires from controlling a person's mind. Wearing it in the form of jewelery is common practice by those in the know in Fells Church, and can be found in items such as an Vervain pendant or a bracelet. Bathing in the oil of Vervain also works, and people have also been known to drink it everyday so it is always in their blood system.

Werewolves: Werewolves are humans with an horrible family curse that was laid on them by nature, but only the males of the family. They actually have a lot of the senses that Vampires have. They have super speed, have a strong sense of smell, hearing and sight, amazing strength, able to jump great distances and heal themselves, though Werewolves are still weaker then Vampires. There aren't that many Werewolves left in the world because the Vampires killed most of them off. The two species hated each other, so the Vampires took it amongst themselves to attack and kill any Werewolf they could find. Now Werewolves mainly exist in love stories and really bad movies. The ones who are still out there though are playing it safe and doing their best to stay away from Vampires.

Now in order to be a Werewolf, it isn't just random. An Werewolf can't just bite a human and infect them with their venom. The Werewolf gene runs in certain families, but they aren't Werewolves yet. In order for one of the family members to set off the gene inside of them and become a Werewolf, they have to take a life away from another human. The person with the Werewolf gene could either kill a person on purpose or it could be an complete accident such as a car crash. Once you trigger the family curse, you have it for life.

Werewolves can transform into an wolf at will anytime they wish, but there's a little catch. Once there is a full moon in the night sky, their bodies will painfully transform into an normal sized wolf unwillingly and run around, killing everything in their path until the sun rises up. They have no control over theirselves once turned for the night during the full moon. Their bite can actually kill a Vampire if they come across one. For the days there aren't a full moon, the Werewolf will still be able to turn willingly and know everything that they're doing. But remember though, Vampires are still more powerful then a Werewolf, but once the Werewolf turns into a wolf, Vampires are actually in danger. When there is a full moon, Vampires should stay as far away from a Werewolf as possible.

To kill a Werewolf is actually very simple. Since they are human, they can die like an normal human as well, though it takes a little bit more to do it. Sure a Werewolf can die in an car crash, but if for instance they get stabbed somewhere in their body, they can heal it if they manage to repair the damage in time. Once they are in an wolf form though, it is nearly impossible to kill them. The only thing that will work is if they are somehow set on fire or a silver bullet is shot clean through the heart. If they are in their human form and if they touch anything made out of real silver, their skin that is in contact with it will start to burn and simmer (like a Vampire caught in the sun without Lapis Lazuli or is touched by Vervain).

There is only one way that a Werewolf can dodge the full moon, and that's with a Moonstone. If a Werewolf carries around a Moonstone during a full moon, then they will not be forced to change into a dangerous wolf. The clear white Moonstone possesses Supernatural powers, and Werewolves used to fight over these stones due to there weren't that many.

Witches/Warlocks: Witches/Warlocks can either be Female or Male and have been around for ages. Just like Werewolves, the gene is in their families blood, but they don't have to take another life in order to be a Witch/Warlock. All their Supernatural powers comes naturally and can be used everyday. There aren't much really to be said about Witches/Warlocks. They're able to take down Vampires and Werewolves, start fires with their minds, say amazing spells and do magic and do almost anything they wish, depending on how much they had practiced. They normally don't cause trouble with Vampires and Werewolves however and keep to themselves. Since they are one hundred percent human, they can easily die. Though if given Vampire blood after an fatal incident and if they are still alive, the Vampire blood can completely heal them, while Werewolf blood cannot.

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