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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Did you think I disappeared? Naaawwww. I'm a tad discouraged from having no comments, but that's okay. I'm glad to see the "Views" number keep going up, though.

Chapter Five - Home

Point of View: Farren

When I eventually came home after a long afternoon of playtime with Professor Juniper and Bianca, the sun was getting ready to set over Nuvema Town and Zorua was getting very tired. It was already beginning to lose its sparkle and creativity. I too felt like I needed some kind of rest; it was a long day. When I had left, Professor Juniper, Bianca and I had all agreed to meet tomorrow morning at city limits where Route 1 began. The Professor had even called Cheren and Genna, and they agreed to the same terms. Bianca had wanted all four of us to step into Route 1 together. Cheren was a tad reluctant, Genna had complained about its cheesiness, but I didn't see any problems with it. Cheren seemed like a nice guy for the most part over the phone. Genna, on the other hand, sounded like one of those prima donna older sisters who wanted everything her way. Too bad there isn't a Burger King in Unova.

"Hey, darling!" Mom had greeted me with a smile and a certain amount of anxiety. She hurried towards me with a skip and a step and a gleam in her eyes, her hands as if tied behind her back.

"Hey, Mom!" I said, returning her enthusiasm. Zorua, still out of its Poké Ball, examined the house cautiously. It made me worry just a tad. If it truly was a troublemaker like Professor Juniper said it was, was it a good idea to let it roam free through this house? Zorua seemed to be behaving and all, so I guess for now it was okay.

She bent down to look at my new Pokémon with her head tilted. "What is this Pokémon? I've never seen this before."

"Zor?" Zorua mumbled, shooting a curious glance at Mom. It held this expression for a few moments, and Mom, almost as if in a trance, did the same. Once they broke eye contact, Zorua went on into the family room. Mom shook her head and cleared her throat, blinking her eyes as if to regain concentration.

"Interesting Pokémon you have there, Farren," Mom said, back to normal.

What just happened?

"Hey, Mom!" Genna called to Mom, standing up, revealing that she had been sitting down out of sight in the family room, where Zorua was now. "Can you tell Farren to get his Zorua out of my business? Tepig doesn't appreciate it."

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Mom rolled her eyes. "Siblings. You two will never get along, will you?"

Zorua sped back to my side as Genna walked with a tiny little orange and brown pig Pokémon always behind her. It seemed very timid, and very cute. Quite personally, I think I would have chosen Tepig instead of Oshawott. Perhaps its because I prefer Fire types. When Zorua examined it, Tepig cowered.

Genna was noticeably a couple of inches, at the very least, taller than me. Her outrageously long brown hair was very wavy and very classy, a style that suggested she was of much higher social and monetary class than she actually was. Her trashy short shorts, ragged Poké Ball tank top and hiking boots clashed with her hair and suggested otherwise.

"So, you got... a Zorua, is it?"

Zorua raised its chin arrogantly.

"Yeah, I did," I replied curtly.

Genna narrowed her eyes and bobbed her head to and fro. "Well then. We might have to have a little brother-sister Pokémon battle, won't we?"

Wow. What a drama queen.

"Not tonight, if you don't mind," I said, playing on her dramatic facade. "I think Zorua has had enough excitement for today. Perhaps tomorrow. What do you think, Zorua?"

In an instant, Zorua turned its head and shot me a cold glance with its bright blue eyes. So cold, I almost froze to death.

"Hmm. It doesn't seem like your Zorua agrees with you."

Tepig turned around and ran back into the family room.

I grinned. "It doesn't look like your Tepig agrees with you, either."

Mom sighed, her hands on her hips. "I think that's enough, you two."

Genna looked back at her Tepig in disgust, and then back at me. "Go to your room, dweeb."

I rolled my eyes. I always remember being told as I grew up to "be the bigger man". My silence does all the talking. It helped that Mom turned to me as Genna walked back into the family room and smiled and winked.

"I'm going to make dinner now," Mom announced, turning around and heading back into the kitchen. "I'll make something super special since its your last night... again. I thought last night was. But by God, you're leaving tomorrow!"

I kind of laughed. For some reason, I remembered my real Mom saying stuff like that back in my world... Stuff like that made me a tad homesick. I remember so much, and here I was being caught up in the Pokémon world, too busy to remember.

When I looked back down, I had realized Zorua hadn't yet shifted its attention from me. But when it had finally broken the glance, it might have well frozen me to death.


When Mom called us all down for dinner, she had gotten out an extra two bowls of Pokémon food out so Gothorita could eat with Tepig and Zorua. They seemed to love whatever she had set out for them. I don't know why, but for some reason, Pokémon food looks like kibble and they were scarfing it down like there was no tomorrow. I once had a dog, and the only time he ever looked forward to kibble was whenever I fed him after forgetting to do so for a day or two.

Mom had prepared an interesting array of foods. She apparently had a homemade recipe for Unovian pizza with spices produced by a Pokémon called "Simisage" and mushrooms that came from a "Foongus", which tasted amazing and unlike any other pizza I've ever had. On the side was something called Poffin, something Mom said her sister (our "Auntie Gardenia") taught her to make when she visited from the Sinnoh region a few years ago. We had Moomoo Milk, freshly imported from Johto, to drink, which was the only thing on the table that I remembered from any of the games.

The conversation was rather dynamic. It was like Genna had flipped her witch-switch and had decided not to act so irritated when she was explaining her battle with Cheren.

"It was so intense!" she tried to describe. "It lasted a pretty long time. Both his Snivy and my Tepig were totally worn out, dodging and attacking each other's moves. Professor Juniper had to call it a tie after a while because they were getting so tired for their first Pokémon battle."

"Wow!" Mom laughed after she had finished chewing a piece of her pizza. I think I had detected a little bit of over-enthusiasm. "What moves does your Tepig know?"

"Body Slam, Ember and Tail Whip," Genna replied, finally calming down. "It might know one other move, but I never got to see it."

"You'll figure it out soon enough. You have a long journey ahead of you two, starting tomorrow. Now Farren, how did your Pokémon battle with Bianca go?"

Genna instantly began to pout like a spoiled princess as I calmly sat up in my chair, my back a little straighter as I put down my glass of Moomoo Milk. "It was rather interesting, to say the least. Zorua did phenomenally."

"Haha!" Genna squawked, stuffing a large chunk of Poffin in her mouth. "I bet she won. You were probably too crushed you didn't get your Oshawott and that your girlfriend got it instead."

"Genna, hush up!" called out Mom with a harsh voice, frowning in displeasure. "That's not nice."

I think I was blushing, because I was definitely angry, but not a hundred percent angry. I felt some sort of fluttery feeling in my stomach... Mom winked at me all of a sudden with a smile. I wanted to shout her name in genuine frustration, but I didn't. Instead, I exhaled noisily.

"Uh, anyway," I continued, trying to compose myself. "No, I won. I like Zorua. We're a perfect team. Its ability to create illusions at will is so cool, and it just seems like possibilities with that Pokémon are endless. I don't know all it can do, and that's really cool."

"Wait, what happened?" asked Mom. "It can create illusions? How so?"

I looked over at Zorua real quick. It was still downing all of its food as if it weren't paying attention to our conversation, so I guess it didn't want to give a free demonstration.

"Well, it just looks and Pokémon and takes their form. It can't use any of their attacks, but it just takes their form. But for some reason, for example, I was able to get Zorua to transform into Oshawott and do an attack similar to one it used. It was pretty cool, and I thought of it on the spot."

"Beginner's luck," jabbed Genna.

Mom ignored her. "On any note, it must have been fabulous. I'll talk with Professor Juniper tomorrow after you guys leave to get the full details. I'm going to go on and head up to bed. Don't stay up too late, now. Genna, do the dishes. Farren, if you can, could you take out the trash?"

Genna and I nodded simultaneously.

Mom wiped her mouth with a napkin and got out of her chair quietly. "Come on, Gothorita. Time for bed!" Gothorita had just finished eating anyway, so it happily skipped up the stairs with Mom.

Tepig kept going at it, but Zorua took notice and stopped eating. Zorua did some sort of kneel or curtsey in goodnight, and faced back to me with a warm expression on its face.


Later that night, I was back in my - dare I say it - Pokémon pajamas. It was a long day, so I figured it was only just. Plus it seemed to add to the comfort, somehow; they were somehow more comfortable than any night clothes I've ever worn. Zorua was lying on edge of my bed, about a few inches from where my feet were under the covers. It was almost asleep, and I was staring out my window.

I was still kind of anxious about all of this. This was the end of my first day in the Pokémon world. I guess this definitely was not just some long dream. Hopefully I wasn't in a coma or something. Oddly enough, I don't know if I wanted this to be real or not. Of course there was nothing better than being in the Pokémon world. But in some cases, there was nothing worse, so it seemed.

"Zorua," I called out randomly.

Its ears instantly perked up.

"Sorry if I woke you up," I muttered lightly, nervous. "I just feel like I have no one to talk to. Er, at least, I had no one to talk to before I got you. And I don't know if it seems logical or not, but..."

I was silent for a while. Should I even be asking this question to a Pokémon? None of this makes sense. I swallowed my pride and continued.

"But... could I have come from another world? Could I have come from a world that only had humans, and didn't have any Pokémon?"

Zorua glared at me again, but it wasn't warm nor cold. It wasn't curious. I didn't know what it was. It was too dark to tell. It lowered its head slowly after a minute or two, and I sighed.

"I guess not," I said, rolling my eyes. "Good night."
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