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Default Make Kony Famous
I am sure many of you who have Facebook have seen this video shared, but if you haven't I highly recommend you watch it. Basically in Uganda, children are being kidnapped by a group of rebels who go by the name "Lords resistance army" or LRA, and become sex slaves of they are girls, and the boys are forced to be child soldiers, forced to kill and mutilate, even their own parents. This has been going on for years and most people dont even know of this, or who the culprit is, Joseph Kony. The US government has sent in support, only because awareness was raise and the US citizens cared. But if people start to not care, then te government is going to bring this support home and ruin any chances of arresting Joseph Kony, and freeing the child soldiers and sex slaves. All I, and thousands others ask is that you share this video. Facebook, twitter, other forums, blog etc, anything and everything. 2012 should be the year Kony is stopped! Why should children be forced to kill, and have to live in fear, if they even live at all, just because of where they live. If this happened in the USA, UK or my home country of Australia, this would not be tolerated, yet Kony has gotten away with these horrible crimes for years. Please share for the child soldiers sake!
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