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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by SwinubForever View Post
Title: The Beast Inside

RP Fandom: A Pokemon/Naruto mix.

Opening Plot: The leaders of the world have stored the legendaries of the Pokemon world inside young Pokemon, in the hope that the legends will never rampage again. You are a young gijinka Pokemon. You just graduated from the Pokemon Academy, and are soon to be placed in your team. Meanwhile, war is raging out as an evil organization tries to release the beasts for their own personal gain.

Where I Need Help: I would need a load of trustful people for this RP. The concept is so large, it could be opened onto a forum of its own. My only fear is that inexperienced role players wouldn't bring depth to the plot line. Another fear is membership. The plot entails at least four to ten role players, and it wouldn't be fun if we got two to join.
...I'd direct you straight to CM, but I don't know if she gets on regularly any more, since I haven't talked to her in awhile. She led quite a few Pokemon/Naruto crossovers. Anyway, plot sounds interesting enough, though it could use a bit of fleshing out.

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