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Default Re: Television shows that you would like to see revived

I must say that its kind of awesome to be able to compare the dubs and subs of a show side by side. If it was a choice between which one to watch though, I would slightly lean in favor of the subs only because they are closer to what the creators originally intended for the show. Having said that, the dub of anime(s) like Tokyo Mew Mew fill an important and critical role.

For example as I was watching the end credits go by, I wonder if this is something I would have watched back in the day, considering its bright colors and super sugarey sweetness. VERY unlikely, it would have been dismissed right away regardless of good points. I think 4Kids did good a thing. (and a good job of butchering it too, LOL)

Anyways that brings me to another show:

Xiaolin Showdown

I liked this one but I think it got stopped right as the heros were getting new power ups...

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