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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

I've played every Halo, CoD, and read a LOT of that genre. I was SAYING(Protip: READ POSTS THOUROUGHLY) that they copied many of these great books I grew up with, like Tom Clancy. Seriously, READ. I'm not afraid to admit that you're getting on my nerves now. Also, I judge games when I PLAY them. I just played Skyrim. I like it. Before that, all I said was "Haven't played it yet, so I don't know."

Seriously, this has turned from a debate thread to you pointlessly flaming others because you think you know everything, and because you can't bother to do anything but obviously read a few words that I write, instead of the whole thing. So here, I'll bold it for you. Because all of what I write is important if you're going to respond. Also, I DAMNWELL did predict the plot twists, because THAT'S WHAT I DAMNWELL SAID. Predictable moments back in the old 007 and the old Tom Clancy books were PRICELESS, because they were something way different back then. Like thinking "You know what, I think this'll happen next..." and reading on to find out that you were right. It was great. CoD and Battlefield are SHOVING these ideals that were once great down our throats.

READ: I am NOT trolling. However, I am quite mad, bro.

Bottom line, NO, they aren't gone. Time works magic, and everything will get better.

@Grassy: Yeah, I hope they make a new Billy Hatcher. I wanted Sonic Adventure 2 Battle so bad for my Gamecube, but it was sold out, and I picked up the game at EB. I looked at it, bought it, and loved it. A LOT. XD Then got SA2B and loved it too :D

And Please lock this topic, whatever moderator is reading. It'll just lead to more of me raging if it stays open.


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