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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

A'ight. Let's do dis.

Name: Ziaxim

Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite his preference to white, Ziaxim wears the standard Organization cloak but with pointed shoulders, like Demyx and Xigbar. At first the sleeves are rather tight, then bell out at the wrist and cover his hands to half his finger-length. Other times his cloak flows out from behind him, making him look like and overgrown bat; unlike the other members though, his wears fancy black dress shoes instead of boots, hearkening back to his gentleman nature. Every time he takes off his hood, he also puts on a white top hat, which he owned in his past life. His hair is jet black and falls across his forehead and some strands brush annoyingly into his eyes, which are also a dark color. He is a little pale, but that could be because everything else is black, bringing out white further. He also carries around a black cane with a silver skull on top of it, another possession of his previous life.

Oddly enough, under the cloak you can see that he wears white clothing. And he absolutely refuses to roll up his sleeves, ever. If you manage to catch a peek at his arms, then you'll notice that they're covered in bandages, but he'll never tell you why.

Personality: Ziaxim is like the gentleman he was in his previous life. Cordial and polite to everyone he meets, even if the person is a total jerk. But, his time as a Nobody and part of the Organization also gave him a cold and scheming nature, credit to Zexion and Vexen's "training". He is a very smart person, who can make up plots that go exactly the way he wants, and no one knows they were puppets to his hands until it was far too late. (Simply put, he's a Chessmaster) Sometimes, mainly when he's talking to someone he doesn't like or the subject of the conversation is amusing, you can see him talking with a sarcastic smirk. He usually doesn't like a lot of fighting and prefers to stay in one spot and use his control over Metal to do his work.

If he does happen to get into one of his angry phases, he turns completely cold and has absolutely no regrets or morals for anyone or anything he destroys. Yet at the same time he seems in control of his rage, holding back until the crucial moment, taunting people all the while. Despite his tactics of leading his army from the back, he is very powerful.

History: Ziaxim originally lived a quiet, peaceful life in Twilight Town by the name Izami. An absolute gentleman, most would describe him, he would give you anything you wanted and ask for nothing in return, because he was selfless like that. So how could the most selfless, wonderful person be brutally murdered in the back of an alley like street scum? His body was found in a lake of his own blood, there was a fist-sized hole in his chest and his heart was gone, as if it had been ripped out. No one ever found the culprit, and no one felt the same after hearing the news of the perfect gentleman dying a horrible death.

Izami woke days afterwards, refreshed, physically whole, but there was a little downside. He was a Nobody. He could not feel emotions. Not only that, but people couldn't see him. Izami soon spiraled into a state of depression, brought on by the shock of his death, the empty feeling of well...emptiness, and the fact that even though he tried to be the best person there was, there was enough darkness in his heart to attract a Heartless. After a period of sulking and feeling downright sorry for himself, Izami took up the subject of human psychology, exploring and researching the darker parts of humanity. In his research, Izami deduced that humans were mainly greedy and self-centered, which is what created Heartless and why Heartless hunted them. Izami was neither of those things, and he realized that his heart was simply too filled with light, and the Heartless didn't like it.

The Organization found him then, a very polite gentleman, but there was about his eyes. They seemed world-weary, yet at the same time amused. As if he were silently laughing at the world and all the trouble they were in because of their own mistakes. Xigbar was the one found him, and Izami creeped him out, to say the least. He took him to Xemnas, who renamed the Nobody Ziaxim. The newly-dubbed Ziaxim slightly unnerved the leader as well, he wasn't up to battles, but he had an excellent brain, so Zexion and Vexen were to "do something with him", or so it was put. Zexion patiently explained the rules and goals of the Organization, and Vexen even let him help in some of his experiments. The three formed a team of geniuses, and of course Lexaeus had to be added into the equation, being Zexion's friend and all. When the time came to go to Castle Oblivion, Ziaxim went with his three friends. As they were cut down, one by one, Ziaxim truly realized the danger he was in, and so did Zexion. By this time Zexion was the only person left, and he knew Ziaxim was too weak to fight Sora or Riku, so he urged him to run and tell the Organization what happened. Ziaxim did so, but he never made it far. Axel found him just before he escaped, and gave him an almost fatal beating before Ziaxim managed to call a Corridor of Darkness and escape.

Ziaxim never went back to the Organization though. All of his true friends were gone, and he was thoroughly disgusted at the betrayal of their own members. Of course Marluxia and Larxene were dead, but it did not change anything. He went off on his own, trying to live a single life and forget the Organization. He was listed among the deaths at Castle Oblivion. It was a great surprise when he was found in his old home of Twilight Town, quite alive, but he vehemently refused to go back to the Organization and attacked Saix when the Nobody tried to drag him back. Now he wanders, trying to avoid any contact witht he Organization.

Element: Metal

Weapon: A silver-topped cane that has a sword inside of it. Because it's made of Metal, Ziaxim usually manipulates the weapon into whatever he wants.

Lesser Nobody: Ziaxim's own twisted creations are called Spider Nobodies, aptly named for their multiple arms and the ability to shoot an adhesive substance from the said arms. They have four eyes, pitch black with glowing red centers. They have emaciated, twisted human-like forms, but they have six extra arms growing from their backs, the arms are twice as long as regular arms and covered with sharp, thin blades. They have no mouth, and are dressed in a very tight-fitting silver cloak that bears the Nobody symbol on the chest. Usually, they fight by shooting a very adhesive substance from their hands, which the use to drag their prey closer, which they then tear it apart using the blades on their extra arms. They can leap ridiculously high and climb virtually anything and are insanely fast, which is what makes them so hard to hit.

Theme Song: Kashmir by Led Zepplin. I have absolutely no idea why, either XDD I can just see Ziaxim spacing out and singing this to himself XD

Other: (Anything I missed?)

((Yay first one down!!))
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