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Default Re: Is stealing wrong?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices
Internet creates more jobs than any printing company can offer nowadays. Technology is advancing, and hard copies of things are becoming outdated. I cannot say I feel anything, for I embrace that type of change.

If you think about it, however, stealing something on the internet is not as damaging as stealing a physical item. So while it could still be considered a bad thing to do, it is not as bad, in my opinion.
Much of society's dealings are still done on paper. Many important business contracts are in paper, most textbooks and readings are in paper, and many others. And while society is experiencing a shift toward paperless communication, it will take a significantly large amount of time for "paperwork" to become obsolete.

Also, whether or not stealing in one area is "as bad" as another area doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't be done.

Stealing music, for example, inhibits income of the artist, the managers, and the production companies. Stealing a man's wallet effectively reduces the amount of money he has, making these two acts similar. One could argue that the man lost money that he actually owned while the artist lost money that could potentially be acquired, but the end result is still the same - lack of cash.

I had always believed that stealing is justifiable in the interest of preserving a human life, but this only applies in time sensitive and dangerous situations. While providing food for a starving family is important, it is far less time sensitive than something like an officer stealing a car to stop a deranged maniac who plans to blow up an airport. The latter is more directly justified, while the former has many other, more favorable options that vary on a case-by-case basis.
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