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Post PokePark [SU&DS, need people]

]This is PokePark. Its similar to Pokepark 1 game of nintendo, but well its pretty much turned to a rp. U live as any type of pokemon, except legendary or anything like Celebi. So, u have a lots of choices what to be. Here, in Pokepark there are Zones, such as Dusk Zone, Lava Zone, Meadow Zone, Ice Zone,
Beach Zone, Mountain Zone, Granite Zone, Sky Zone. Mostly there lives pokes that are
same type category pokes as the place is, such as ice types in
Ice Zone. Its natural for them, of course. Pokepark is huge place,
and there lives a lot of pokemons. To travel between zones,
u can walk there from crossroads in Meadow Zone, every Zone
has a leader, too. U can fight other pokes, race, or do many else things!


Your role is to be
-Either to be a pokemon in some specified zone,
-Or to be Zone leader.
-U can also be flying servicer, any pokemon that can fly, they carry pokemons to the zone those pokemons want to. (U decide does your flying servicer take prize from taking others to a location they want to)
Normal pokemons are usually first or last forms, but Zone leaders are strong and are always last forms.

1. Dont bunny much.
2. Dont godmod, well u cant likely godmod here, except in battles.
3. Dont cuss
4. Dont insult others


Personality: (1 paragraph)
Appearance: (is there anything special about him/her)
Gender: (male or female)
Zone: (any of them)
Zone leader: (if it is any leader).

My applyment for example:
Pokemon: Empoleon
Personality: Pretty quick temperamented, doesnt get angry easily and is friendly often, sometimes he might not be patient at all when he is worried or something like that. He is trustable when u make friends with him.
Gender: Male
Zone: Ice Zone
Zone Leader: Ice Zone

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