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Default Re: Kids on Leashes: Sensible? Or Silly?

Well health isn't that simple either...I should know considering that is what I do for a living.

I'll get the pets thing out of the way first: a lot of dogs like the leash because it is what they associate with being able to walk around on the streets and stuff. It's pretty commmon to see dogs bring the leash to their owners as a request to go outside. I can hardly see that as having anything to do with trust and love, considering the these dogs have been conditioned to associate leash with a positive outcome of walking outside.

The issue with kids on a leash is that...well it's kinda humourous to see that. Aside from that though, I think leashing a kid won't solve the intrinsic problem of the kid running around rampant. It's just going to put a contain on the issue rather than fix it. From a logical standpoint, it's a better tactic in the long run to teach your kid to not run around in an unsafe environment/unknown environment.
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