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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Velocity, narphoenix

I saw someone pull up next to the other guy who was trying to intimidate me in a very bad manner. I stared at him, finding everything unusually well timed by this person. I didn’t like the looks of him, then again I really didn’t like the looks of anyone who approached me, especially in that kind of manner. I didn’t see anything weapon wise in his hands, or anything weighing his pockets down. I didn’t move anything besides my eyes, watching him come closer. I let him talk, not saying anything.

"Allow me to personally assure you, we are all on the same side here, I give my word. I know this young woman very well. In fact, I came here to tell her something. Unfortunately, it is a bit secret, sorry."

What the hell was this guy on…some random stranger claims he knows me well and has something to tell me. Okay this was getting weirder and weirder. Never again was I stopping at abandoned roadside gas stations. I was getting a bit hesitant of this guy; if he knew who I was, there were way too many possibilities of how he found out that information. Who I was, I liked to keep on a very low, need to know basis. I still remained as I was, unfaltering, but in my head I was getting a bit nervous, it jumped when he came next to my ear, well where it was assumed to be under my hood.

"Look, you think I'm BSing."

Damn right I do…

"That's half true. You may call me Doc. My Sona's name is Dos. He is a small blue ball wearing glasses exactly like mine. Your Sona is the gargoyle, who for some reason can curl up into a ball and set herself on fire. I promise to you, I am an ally. Just trust me."

The last few sentences made me very cautious. He managed to give a quick description of Veza, and something about his Sona. That sounded a bit similar to what Veza had told me before. Maybe this guy was a Deviant, and had some ability to do this with his Sona? I had no idea, but asking me to trust him was something that wasn’t gonna happen right away. Hell no. I stood there, staring at him for a few minutes before I said anything. Without closing my eyes, I called Veza into my mind.

‘Tell me you know a blue ball named Dos.’

‘I do…he’s the jawbreaker that made it through Enfin…’

‘I think his Deviant just ID’d me as your Deviant.’


‘I don’t know either but he described you, after pulling up to this gas station.’

‘…never again with the abandoned gas stations.’
I heard Veza say. ‘Anyway, never mind the phone, Gesser says he can do some repairs, and the other Sona’s I’m with, their Deviants will be coming too, they need a new car.’

‘Maybe we’ll meet up then. See you.’

I returned to complete consciousness, still staring at this guy called Doc. I looked at him again, he finally turned towards my bike. I was ready to leave before some WAE helicopter happened to see this odd gathering they could easily pin as Deviant activity.

“Trust is something earned…” I replied. “IF you’re an ally help him over there. I’m going south to see my mechanic, you can follow and bring him with you.”

I turned back to my only means of transportation, checking my pack again to make sure nothing had changed. I checked it at least five times a day if not more. All of my precious possessions were in that bag. You could say that was the only thing bringing me back to sanity. I sat down on the seat and put my helmet on, turning back to see if the other two were going to bother following me. After waiting for what I thought was a decent amount of time, I started her up, revved the engine and went on my way.

Next stop, Grants Pass.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

I listened to the trio of Sona’s explained to Gesser that their own Deviants needed a ride. He nodded and listened carefully, noting that they needed a van. The mammalian hybrid nodded, and held up a paw, signalling he was going to be right back. He stepped into the back, as I knew that Gesser kept track of everything his Deviant told him, practically copying all of his records from Reality into Nexen. There was a moment of waiting, where I took the chance to find a space on the floor and sit down for once. Being as large as I was, small spaces and I didn’t go together. I sat, waiting and watching in quiet, until Gesser came back out.

“I think we has a ride fer ya Dev’s.” He told the three of them. “If yous all can get to Grants Pass, and find the large junkyard there, I’m sure V can help walks ya through getting’ to my Dev’s.”

As Gesser explained what was going on, I felt my own Deviant poking at my mind. I responded quickly, noticing she wasn’t in a full meditating state, I had a reason to be worried.

‘Tell me you know a blue ball named Dos.’

I found the question rather odd, one for the reason it was out of the blue, two because that was the name of the Deviant who informed us of the impending attack we just fought off.

‘I do…he’s the jawbreaker that made it through Enfin…’

‘I think his Deviant just ID’d me as your Deviant.’


‘I don’t know either but he described you, after pulling up to this gas station.’

‘…never again with the abandoned gas stations.’ Rolling my eyes mentally at this, just because she happened to stop at a gas station. ‘Anyway, never mind the phone, Gesser says he can do some repairs, and the other Sona’s I’m with, their Deviants will be coming too, they need a new car.’

‘Maybe we’ll meet up then. See you.’

That would have been interesting. I wonder what their Deviants looked like, or what Amiel looked like. I had a vague idea, and of course, she had a somewhat guess as to what I looked like; she made me. Still, some things changed a bit from the original design, myself, was one of those big exceptions. I came back out of it, just as Gesser finished explaining about the van. I looked at him.

“Everything quiet?”

“Locked up tighter than a wrenched monkey.”


I stood up, ready to give out the information that was either going to make or break me. I knew the gems on my neck were changing colour to a dark blue, the only time I turned serious, well, this serious while still being in complete control of myself anyway. I tried to relax, but doing this was not easy.

“My overdue explanation…” I began, finding no other way to get it out. “Like the rest of us still living Sona’s, I’m trying to stop the Antitivity, and WAE. However as some of you may have noticed I’m not a normal Sona. My Deviant isn’t a normal one either.”

Here comes the kicker…

“I’m the Sona that broke free from WAE.”

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Winter and Velocity

Adrian almost smiled at Ryza’s spirit, knowing that’s exactly what he needed in order for his plan to become a success. He stood, listening to Theresa’s words and thinking things through carefully. He put his hands behind his back, staring off into nothing it seemed for a few minutes, as if, something was there, talking to him. He nodded his head once, then returned to his employee, ready with an answer.

“You may. Do be careful, the younger the age, the more weapons they have at hand. You may be dismissed.”

Adrian knew this was true, the younger people were the more imaginative and creative they were. Somehow, as people got older, they more or less lost some of that somewhere along in life. He turned for Ryza and Nova to follow him down the hall, with metal doors down either side, giving off a hypnotic impression it went on forever in redundancy and repetition. As he walked, Adrian said nothing for a while, walking ahead of the two, leading them to who knew where.

“I will have to do something about those scientists…they attempted to restrain and manipulate something they feared…only to have it work the other way around.” He said, almost as if it were an out loud thought. “That’s not something we can have, with what we want to achieve. Fear cannot be present if we want peace.”

The albino continued walking, almost too quietly down the hallway as his footsteps echoed only slightly. He remained quiet for a while until he suddenly stopped in his tracks, staring forward before turning to Nova and Ryza.

“Nova, I want you to continue to work with Ryza.” He stated in a light air. “As long as Ryza wants you around, that is. I’m sure she would like to go somewhere more…vibrant? We’ve had a plan to send in a small guerilla squad to Japan, seeing as the WAE is less apparent in that region. We have reason to believe it may be a sanctuary for Deviants and would only be a matter of time before a large terrorising assault happened on our grounds. When she is ready and refreshed, we could start with our work there?”
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