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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

There is no evidence to support they went bankrupt -.- I've looked it up. The one article I bothered to look at didn't even have a source.

Max didn't admit their glory days were gone, he said they were smart to pull out of the race. Please don't shove words into his mouth. And there is a difference between analyzing something and trolling, deary.

But you're right. I'm done talking about it. Because I'm PO'ed now, with all this pointless arguing. I always break into an argument with you, and I don't feel like spending more energy on you than I already have.

Basic - I don't think they're gone. Everyone hits a rough patch <3 And more or less, the bad ratings are undeserved. Can't spell ignorant without IGN. And the fans that cannot be pleased keep pushing, pushing, pushing. SEGA needs to give Sonic a rest for a year or so. Work on, say, Billy Hatcher or a new Crazy Taxi. Or Ecco the Dolphin! (Bloody game was so hard...)

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