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Default Re: Kids on Leashes: Sensible? Or Silly?

Silly, it's more practical to let your child roam freely and explore his/her new surroundings. Also, if you think in foresight, if a child were to become lost once, they will naturally be wary and stay closer to the parent/guardian hence saving lots of unnecessary bother with leashes and what have they not.

While we're on leashes, I would like to voice my disapproval about leash-ing pets. Humans should remember that relationships are built on trust and love. Why have a baby or adopt a pet if you don't trust and love them as how they should be? Do you leash them for fear that the animal may dislike you and run away? As a dog lover, I have never saw the need to leash my dog whenever I take it out for walks. If I were to have children, I wouldn't leash them either. It's simply stupid a method, no matter if it's in the crass name of "discipline".

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