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Default Re: thornzion vs Terminal Gym Leader paperfairy (Velly!)


[-] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 100%
Energy: 90%
Status: It's like taking Pokeblocks from a Togepi!
Substitute @ 1%/Revenge/Night Slash ~ Focus Punch/Revenge/Night Slash/Substitute @ 1%


[Skittles] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 84%
Energy: 81%
Status: Feeling a bit better.
Swift ~ Tickle/Swift

Round Two

Weavile immediately began to weave a new clone, creating another cloud of white energy that formed into a faded, empty-eyed Weavile. Skittles eyed the clone with annoyance and distaste. How was he supposed to beat his opponent if he kept hiding behind a copy of himself? The coward.
[Substitute: Weavile, -1% HP, -1% Energy]

Skittles opened his jaws, leaping high into the air to hopefully give his attack more of an edge, not to mention making himself look a bit more spectacular in the process. A burst of light poured from his mouth, followed by a river of star-shaped motes of yellow energy. The beautiful Swift: not very deadly but certainly accurate, and one of the most-used moves in Contests. Weavile's clone didn't stand a chance, quickly succumbing to its sting.
[Swift: Sub, -9% HP; Skittles, -6% Energy]

Feeling emboldened by his success, Skittles leaped up again. Yet another stream of stars flowed from his mouth, but this time they hit Weavile himself. The damage was slight, yet he was weakened by the PokeSur virus in the air and the attack seemed to do far more damage than the dual-type had accepted. He growled, ready to make Skittles pay.
[Swift: Weavile, -9% HP; Skittles, -6% Energy]

Weavile rushed forward, his claws glowing with red energy. He channeled his pain into the attack, making sure that little Skittles would feel that and more. With a snarl he slammed his fists into the Eevee's face, sending his vulpine foe flying across the arena yet again. Skittles lay there, gasping with shock and curled into a ball. Weavile smirked - although it was true that he felt incredibly and unexpectedly tired. The attack had left him more drained than seemed possible.
[Revenge: Weavile, -34% Energy; Skittles, -25% HP]


[-] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 90%
Energy: 55%
Status: Panting.


[Skittles] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 59%
Energy: 69%
Status: Shocked and afraid.

Ref Notes
Swift's Crit Roll was 42; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Revenge's Crit Roll was 10; 1-6.25 for Crit.

thornzion, your moves please.
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