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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

I am done here also, but here's a closing statement:

I'm just going to use TVTropes to sum up all of this.

Those Wacky Nazis are at it again in World War II where they're using Soviet Super Science to try and destroy the world once again. Good thing the Big Damn Heros are Just In Time to save the day. Yippie.

Basically, the whole plot of CoD is just a mess of basic...what's the word...very typical cliche's. Seriously, if you write for the hell of it sometimes, which Grassy and I do, you start to notice "Hey,that's a pretty good plot!" or "Wow, try and not use the same plot device 20 times over in 40 seconds." You might think it's cool that you're always on time in those games, but it's all been done before. There is never, ever, ever any real plot twists or awesome revelations in those games, and there is never a You Are Too Late. Never. Not to be mean, but the stories SUCK. And Halo? Almost as bad. People's tastes are really bad when it comes to plot, obviously. Try TWEWY. That's an amazing plot. Suspense and mystery, instead of CoD's predictable "AHA!" Moments and twists. Halo, same for it. "Oh no, everyone's gonna die. Good thing I can just walk into this building, press a button, and save everyone. Yaaaaaayyyy." Happens in every game. That or it ends with MC saying that he's going to kick ass. Seriously.

The last few sonic games have had a lot of story. Black Knight, which threw in one helluva twist, and Seven Rings, which actually had some decent character development. Do they need better stories? No, they're better than most things out there.

I think SEGA pulling out of consoles was a really smart move. In this day and age, they would've been gone, sadly.

On the topic of Battlefield, same thing as CoD. "Oh noooo everything exploded. Good thing there's a few people left and we can stop them easily! :D" No duh. STILL NOT A GOOD PLOT! If you ask me, they all copied the Tom Clancy books, and 007, and all of that. With PREDICTABLE MOMENTS. They really ruin the game if you know basic cliche's and study the art of writing. If they start doing Aniti-Heroes too, It'll get really, really bad. Also, play on your heartstrings?

How about feeling like you did easily 2 hours of gaming for nothing, just to be thrown back in and have to continue? Then finding out that you've broken the rules too many times, and you're going to be killed by the one person you thought was the strongest in the world, then you pull out of it and win barely, only to're the bad guy. Yep, you just killed millions and millions of people by beating the main baddie- err...good guy. Then, the real Good Guy, the boss of the other Good Guy, reveals himself, kills you in a second, and decides not to kill the millions of people he was going to (because you won) because you swayed him. Yeah, that's TWEWY in a nutshell. Then you come back to life, finally, after 3 attempts and a lot of game time. You finally live through the 7 days. And after that? You're left with more questions, and so you play through all the story again getting little mission objectives, becoming even stronger, and then you know the real plot. Then you shoot an epically over-powered angel in the face with lasers and all of the other awesome pins you got on your journey. Hell yeah.

It's a story, but an overused, beaten to death, crappy, predictable, annoying, story. So most people with a lick of sense when it comes to good storytelling hate it, and they damnwell should. IT. SUCKS.

No more to debate about.

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