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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
@ pe2k - SEGA filed for bankruptcy? I don't think they did. I'm sure the website I follow would have reported about it (they catch everything else! I also just checked Wikipedia - which isn't the most accurate sometimes, but they only state financial loss at some point, but nothing about bankruptcy). I highly doubt Microsoft will acquire Nintendo. It just doesn't strike me as a good idea. They could be called a monopoly, because they would be controlling two different game consoles...And if Sony does go out of business (which is possible. They're not doing too well, as you said), then they'll control the market.

I think.

And....I just don't like those games. I feel like they just take examples from real life and turn it into a story. Most do, but it is just the same old "shoot these guys, stop this bomb" type of stuff. It's annoying. Given Mario and Sonic do similar things, but Sonic tries different ways to achieve it. Mario just stays the same, that plumber. (Does he actually do any plumbing?)

Regardless, genres go out and then back in. I doubt Mario or Sonic will ever be truly dead. Both are icons <3

And...I don't feel like arguing this anymore.
Ever wondered why SEGA doesn't make the Dreamcast anymore?

Microsoft could very well purchase Nintendo, and there would be nothing Nintendo could do about it. And depending on how good the Microsoft lobbyists are, they could get away with it too.

I do not care if you do or do not like them. They still have a story, and saying that they don't is a horrible generalization. For instance, Halo has one of the deepest stories ever presented in a video game. Call of Duty can definitely be intense when you are rushing to find a Russian Warlord. Battlefield 3 can play on your heartstrings as you watch Paris, France get blown away by a nuclear explosion. The stories are interesting for some, and boring for others. It is a story nonetheless.

Are you kidding me? Have you played Mario Party, Galaxy, Super Star Saga? The little war that both companies participate in is pointless, because here's a shocker, they are both in the same position. And at least Nintendo can ride on something else other than Mario. You are on a Pokemon forum for Christ's sake.

Point is this. Yes, Sonic's best days are gone. Does that mean they can't be really good? No. They will never be as popular or as innovative as they were because times have moved on (unless they merge or a miracle happens).
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