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Default Re: Is stealing wrong?

Originally Posted by The Unreal Shadow Tracker View Post
Maybe its easy to justify stealing based on what it is your stealing. Like those commercials say you wouldn't steal a tv, you wouldn't steal a dont illegally download.
I for one dont download anything. If I want something I buy it. My roommates on the other hand dont feel bad about taking anything off the internet.

Downloading effects jobs all across the board. The company that prints them, the company that makes the cover art, the shipping companys, and finally the record company. The big picture should not be neglected .
The Internet creates more jobs than any printing company can offer nowadays. Technology is advancing, and hard copies of things are becoming outdated. I cannot say I feel anything, for I embrace that type of change.

If you think about it, however, stealing something on the internet is not as damaging as stealing a physical item. So while it could still be considered a bad thing to do, it is not as bad, in my opinion.
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