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Default Ultimate Crossover:Multiple Worlds

Ultimate Crossover:Multiple Worlds
Every beginning........Multiple endings.....when the data of multiple paradox's in time and space become corrupted in the middle of a secret facility where all is kept safe is no longer.
A few people have been chosen to set this right and a few people have been chosen to wreck the continuum of everything.
The Nexer's a group of the greatest heroes chosen to keep it running and the keeper of the dimensions ....and the UNKNOWN a great group of the most mightiest villains every where from every dimension.
This is the collapse. The collapse a prophecy put in to every world and every dimension stating that a few chosen soldiers and warriors will stop the UNKNOWN taking over everything.

Leader:Unknown(yes the guys name is unknown same as the team name)


Plot:You start out on your home planet but you must make your own hero such as i start out on metroid but my name is delta and I am a bounty hunter like samus like can also be your own bad guy if you want.Anywayyou start out on your home planet and you must figure out clues and then you decide next.
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about 1 paragraph each excluding name age and sex

Like a Baws

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