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Default Re: Is stealing wrong?

Is stealing a 5,000 dollar computer program (program, no physical value) and never paying for it wrong?

Yes. The program is intellectual property. Even though it has no physical value, it required time and effort from the programmer. So it is the programmer's property to sell, and it's his right to charge for it.

Is stealing a 5,000 dollar program (program, no physical value) and then buying it when you have enough money wrong?

It depends. If you have a prior arrangement, it's fine. But if you steal it, the programmer has the right to get mad.

Is stealing a new song wrong?
Is stealing an old song wrong?
Probably. Again, it depends. New song, the people who own will probably charge for it, which means it is not ethical to steal it. Old songs are usually on the market free, which means that the owners of the song relinquished their property to the public.

Is it right for a poor person to steal food to survive?

Most of the time. If there is no other way to survive, then it is ethical to steal the food, but only in the amount neccesary for survival.

Is it right to steal from the rich?

Most of the time, it is unethical. The ONLY time it is right is if they gained by stealing what's yours, and even that's a grey area.
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