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Default Re: Atheist jailed for beliefs

Originally Posted by The Unreal Shadow Tracker View Post
Very repetitive, its like people cant think of anything better.

do you have documented research to back this statement ?because most of the atheists i know have no real knowledge of religion as a whole. They just know they dont believe in god.
It has been common knowledge since 2010 in the theological/philosophical realm. Atheists, Agnostics, Mormons, and Jews know more about any religion... than any religion.

LA Times

NY Times

Pew Research Center

Originally Posted by darthcrawford View Post
i have a friend who use to be christian and now is an atheist that me and him both use to research for the debates we'd have at least once a week. i'd say he's more studied on his view of things and me on mine but we both know a good bit of both sides of the argument. im not saying this on average cause i know a lot of fellow christians that dont know more than john 3:16 and i know some atheist that became atheist after they saw someone saying they're christian be not so christianlike and stopped.
I would love to talk to these Atheists that you know.
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