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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

Name: Xima, though she definitely prefers Bastia
Gender: Female
Appearance: Xima is often referred to by those who knew Mia as a more gothic reflection of her original self. She stands in at about 5' 9" with a lean body, and lightly tanned skin. One of her most noticeable features is her eyes, which are an odd shade of blue, but there's also her hair, which is purple and falls straight down to her lower back. She is often see wearing a black knee-length dress with short, puffed sleeves and a puffed skirt, and a pair of brown boots that go to her mid-calf. She's also usually seen with her violin case slung across her back, though it looks less like a violin case and more like a miniature coffin. She tends to look sad or distant, though when she does fake emotional expressions, she does a very good job.
Personality: Xima tends to be the quiet around everyone but those she considers her friends, around whom she opens up, becoming kind and joking, almost motherly. To total strangers, she might be quiet, but she also comes across as the kind of person you and go to to ask for help finding someplace or someone, and she will do exactly that if you take the time to ask. She is a bit harsh on herself, though, clinging to the memory of her somebody and wishing her fate could have been different. She's comes across as being a bit more in touch with the emotions she doesn't have, but the Organization has mostly chalked it up to her abilities with music, a medium used to convey emotions. She can be a bit touchy about certain matters, almost flat out refusing to go by the name given to her by the Organization, but she hates being called Mia even more--which is why she tends to have such a short fuse with a certain old friend of Mia's known as Gekkou. While she seems to be fully intent on tearing the Organization apart, she does have a soft spot for Demyx.
History: Originally known as Mia, Xima's original self was a very gifted concert violinist who found herself in Traverse Town after losing her world to Heartless. She lived there happily until the Heartless of an obsessed fan attacked her and stole her heart. When she woke up as a Nobody under the care of Organization XIII, she had no idea what was going on. Left with no one but a smiling and very odd blond man who seemed to have close to no idea what he was doing to explain the facts of her new life to her, Xima quickly came to dislike the Organization members aside from the friendly musician. After having been with them a few months "getting used to her new life," Xemnas approached her with the offer of a position that she immediately turned down. In spite of this, she was pestered about it because of her musical abilities until she ended up just leaving the Castle That Never Was to get away from them, though she never fully escaped them. The Organization stopped harassing her as much, though. She refused to go by the name they gave her, and decided to go by the name Bastia instead. She quickly decided on trying to live a normal, peaceful, life under the disguise of a complete person, returning to Traverse Town, where Mia had lived before. What she didn't count on was getting constantly bothered by an old friend of Mia's and running into others like her, including Mia's boyfriend and what might be another piece of Mia. Needless to say, life isn't very slow for her, though she fully intends to try and tear down the Organization for both their mission and their methods.
Element: Sound
Weapon: Mia's old violin combined with her use of sound, sometimes her case, and her Lessers
Lesser Nobody: Sirens are considered to be a more feminine subspecies of Dusk, they resemble faceless women marionettes that float through the air and share the Dusks knife-like hands. Sirens are also known for their pack-like grouping tendencies and intelligence, as well as playfulness. They enjoy trying to befriend women and children willing to play with them, but also tend to be wary of men. Their strength lies mainly in numbers as they are not the strongest Lessers out there. Bastia shares a kind of telepathic link with them, which she considers just as helpful as it is annoying because they like to pester her. Provided there's nothing else to do, they may talk her into playing with them. They refer to her as "Lady."
Theme Song: Monochrome Frame-Kanon Wakeshima If you bother listening and reading the lyrics, I see this as her feelings towards Mia and the fact she can't feel anymore.
Other: She seems to like Kanon Wakeshima music, in spite the fact it's usually the depressing stuff that she picks to play. Oh, and she's known for singing, too, when she's in a "good mood." Also, she seems to share a mind with her variations, which can lead to as much confusingness and hilarity you can think of.

Name: Artemis
Age: Looks 13/14 or so, really about four
Gender: Female
Appearance: Artemis is just one of those people that you want to protect the moment you look at her. She's tiny compared to the others around her at 5' even and slim-bodied, those around her tend to treat her as though she's incredibly fragile. It isn't just her size that grabs people's attention, either, her large blue eyes (the same odd shade as Bastia's), which seem to project her emotions, grab just as much attention. Her face is framed by mostly shoulder-length pale blonde hair and her skin is pale, though not sickly pale. She runs around wearing a knee-length and somewhat frilly white sundress with white sandals, the kind that tie up, and over that she sometimes wears a black hooded cloak that goes down to her mid-calf. She's almost always smiling, and rarely ever alone--typically she's clinging to Apollo, but she spends a lot of time around Bastia when she can, and gives off a kind of feel-good aura.
Personality: Artemis is like a ball of sunshine in a dark place, to sum it up in a few words. She's bright, she's cheerful, and she's friendly as can be. She's also curious as can be, wanting to know about anything she doesn't quite understand, and likes to meet people. Yes, Artemis has a bit of a childish disposition, but she is quite capable of being serious when it's required, but it isn't required very often. She can be more of a mother hen figure than Bastia, seeing as she absolutely hates seeing people hurt or upset, and when she sees anyone hurt or upset, she will insist on healing them or trying to cheer them up. She is incredibly protective of those she cares for (particularly Apollo and Bastia, but there are others) and will do anything for them, but if you're in that category, chances are that she's likely to cling to you as well. She really hates violence, and will try to have people talk things out peacefully rather than fight, if she can help it, but she also understands that there are some fights she just can't stop.
History: Artemis's life really doesn't begin as many years ago as her appearance would suggest, as she remembers nothing of herself before waking up on the pull-out bed of a sofa in an apartment that felt strangely familiar, next to a dark haired girl about four years ago. Neither had any memories of themselves before that, only vague, fleeting memories of a girl named Mia, which led the pair to create their own names. The dark-haired girl became Kira, and Artemis chose Lila at the time, and knowing that the apartment wasn't theirs and they couldn't explain why they were there and Mia wasn't, they left the place behind, not quite sure what would happen to it (what they certainly didn't expect was for the friend of Mia's who owned the place to leave the apartment alone). After working lots and lots of odd jobs around the town and spending more nights than they ever wanted in a sort of halfway house where they shared a room with who knew how many people, they eventually managed to get a permanent residence at another hotel, and then a few months later, Artemis found a very badly beaten and barely alive boy laying in the street and practically begged Kira to take him home with them so she could try to heal him because for some reason, she felt that she couldn't let him die without at least putting up a huge fight. That was about what it took, too. She was up almost an entire night working on him, to the point that by the time he finally woke up, she was curled up in a ball by his feet on a sofa he didn't remember being set down on, sleeping so hard that a bomb being dropped on the hotel would've woken her. Once she woke up, however, Kira wanted to throw him out, but she refused to let that happen, not wanting him to get hurt again if whatever had hurt him so badly returned, and basically gave Kira no other option than letting her get her way. For her effort, the boy stayed with them. About a year later, they were digging through the library in the Olympus Coliseum when the boy (who had been jumping from one tentative name to another) chose his name from a book that held a compilation of stories about the gods of Olympus, and Lila chose to become Artemis. About a year after that, they found Bastia wandering Traverse Town, and Artemis and Kira felt their connection to the Nobody immediately, while Apollo recognized her face. Eventually, they ended up moving back into Mia's old hotel room with her, and they found Nox some time after that. More recently, Kira has gone off on her own, and Artemis misses her a bit, but at the same time she's also grateful that she isn't there to harass Apollo.
Weapon: A staff, composed of a silver rod with a simple silver ball at one end, and topped with a large shard of quartz-looking crystal held in place by a silver webwork that helps her cast her magic, which is heavily based on light and healing magic, though she knows a few other element spells.
Theme Song: Skip Turn Step-Kanon Wakeshima I can just see Artemis dancing in the rain and having fun, and it's got that upbeat, playful kind of beat to it.
Other: She's another piece of Bastia's original self (and shares a mind with everyone else who is), but she's made entirely good emotions. Bastia and Apollo will do anything to keep the Organization from knowing about her.

Name: Nox
Age: Technically, about four or so, though she looks...older
Gender: Female
Appearance: Though taller than Artemis, Nox is still on the shorter end of Mia's variations at 5' 3" and she's got a look to her that makes her seem both young and old at the same time. Her hair is a golden blonde that clings to face at chin length, as well as eyes that are that same strange golden shade, which really marks her as the odd one out among people. She wears a simple crimson long sleeve shirt that she's managed to stretch the neck and sleeves on because she pulls on them so much with a pair of slightly baggy jeans and black tennis shoes. She tends to look somewhere between apathetic and thoughtful, but is prone to getting incredibly twitchy around a lot of people who have hearts, hence why she's tugged her shirt neck and sleeves so much. Often, she can be found with a single Shadow either tailing her or clinging to her. However, the moment she steps into the shadows or darkness, her body seems to be swallowed by shadows and she looks much more like a Heartless, her eyes even trade their human look for a pair of bright yellow, pupil-less orbs. She also loses her ability to talk, which irritates her to no end.
Personality: As a Heartless, it's a miracle Nox has much of a personality at all. She tries less to feel than Bastia does, though she's developed a bit of a 'liking' towards Bastia and Artemis as well as Apollo. She comes across as a bit shy towards people, and can become rather jumpy around people with hearts when there are a lot of them around, though not because she's fighting the urge to steal hearts; rather it's because she can't feel hearts. She is protective of lesser heartless, particularly Shadows, and those attempting to harm them for what she deems to be no good reason will get a nasty earful about it. When she does speak up, she tends to be blunt and sarcastic for the most part, unless someone gets her or one of the others really fired up.
History: Once Mia split, Nox was freed into the world, however, whereas Bastia left the Organization behind as soon as she could, Nox tried to stay with the largest congregation of Heartless she could for as long as she could, though something about her prevented her from feeling and having the rampant urge to collect hearts like most Heartless do. She knew she was odd, but she had no idea where she could go, so she stayed, eventually coming to stand up for the Shadows which were often sent on suicidal data collection visits to other Heartless, however she couldn't find it in her to stand up to who she found in command of the Heartless--Maleficent. Eventually she got sick of seeing other Heartless die and left, drawing a bit of a following of Shadows and a few others with her, though she refused to keep them under her command, telling them she would call on them if she needed their help, and went off to explore the worlds. A single Shadow still seems to come back to visit her regularly, and can often be found trailing after her or clinging to her when he does come to see her. She only ran into Bastia and the others a few months ago and has been with them ever since, partly because she wants to do right, but also partly because she thinks that in getting rid of the Nobodies of the Organization she will be able to save more of her own kind.
Weapon: A pair of what appear to be two red fans with bladed edges, and she seems to have an affinity for fire magic. She might call in some of her Heartless friends if she really needs help, but tries to avoid it.
Theme Song: Kajitsu no Keikoku-Kanon Wakeshima Because I just see it, song makes me think of people turning to Heartless/Nobodies, and finding out they made a big mistake. Nox knows she's a big mistake.
Other: Shares a mind with the rest of Mia's variations, which can lead to all sorts of awkwardness and/or hilarity. She can also communicate with Heartless in an almost telepathic manner.

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